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Release of the “Ballad to the Moon” NFT Art Collection by Virtua and Tim Cantor

A new art NFT collection titled “Ballad to the Moon” has been made available through the metaverse platform Virtua in collaboration with the surrealist author and artist Tim Cantor. This is the renowned artist’s most recent piece of mixed-media NFT art. The release follows Cantor’s “En Pointe” collection, which was one of Virtua’s best-selling offerings. Let’s examine the Ballad to the Moon NFT collection by Virtua and Tim Cantor in more detail.

What is the Ballad to the Moon NFT collection, according to Virtua x Tim Cantor?

Four NFT pieces are included in Tim Cantor’s “Ballad to the Moon” NFT collection, which is only accessible through Virtua. Notably, the four develop into Ballad to the Moon, a fifth NFT. The paintings show “enigmatic poetry,” which muddles the distinction between dreams and recollections.

A look at “how there is a desire image for a neutral voice that murmurs, stays calm, and passes no judgement” is the theme of Cantor’s stimulating collection. To represent this wish, a white deer is included in the original artwork. A old microphone serving as a metaphor for the radio waves and a frightened ghost with hands that stand for modesty are also there.

The following are the available Ballad to the Moon NFTs:

– Concept Sketch 1 – 50 minted at $500 each
– Concept Sketch 2 – 50 minted at $500 each
– Oil Painting NFT – 20 minted at $1,000 each
– Animated NFT – 5 minted at $20,000 each

The animated NFT “Ballad to the Moon – Evolution” features sounds and a poem by Tim Cantor. Three NFTs have been issued, each priced at $50,000.

Tim Cantor, who?

Tim Cantor, a well-known artist, created the cover art for Imagine Dragons’ 2016 No. 1 album “Smoke + Mirrors,” which won a Grammy. He also worked on stage design with the group and made an appearance in the music video for their hit, “Shots.” In addition, he produced 13 paintings, one for each song on the album “Smoke + Mirrors.”

Later, Cantor entered the NFT market. He collaborated with Virtua to produce a number of NFT works, notably the magnificent “En Pointe” piece.

Jawad Ashraf, CEO and co-founder of Virtua, said, “We’re honoured that Tim Cantor has selected our platform to promote his second collection. As NFTs can reach a larger audience and make art more accessible to those who would not have previously been able to obtain it as easily, more and more artists are increasingly seeing the advantages of producing work in this format. We anticipate the responses of both the art world and NFT collectors to this intriguing new piece.

What Virtua is

A completely immersive metaverse platform called Virtua provides social, gaming, digital collecting, and artistic experiences. On Virtua’s curated marketplace, users can purchase, trade, show, and engage with digital treasures. Prior to the introduction of its metaverse, the platform recently changed its name from Terra Virtua to Virtua.

On their website, Virtua and Tim Cantor provide further information about their partnership. For all the most recent developments, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

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