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Reasons Why Dour Darcels NFT Could Be The Next Blue-Chip Project

In the NFT world, Dour Darcels are generating a lot of noise. The new 10K NFT project includes a 14-year-old cycloptic egg character. That character is now preparing to take over NFTs. Let’s take a look at Dour Darcels and talk about the characteristics that could make it the next blue-chip NFT.

Why Dour Darcels Might Become a Blue-Chip NFT \s1. Dour Darcels has a top-notch staff behind them.
To begin, artist and founder Craig Redman aka Darcel (@dourdarcel on Twitter) is the driving force behind Dour Darcels. In 2007/8, Redman started Darcel Disappoints, an illustrated blog. In short, after arriving to New York City from Australia, Redman employed his now-iconic Darcel character to capture his witty impressions about the city.

The Dour Darcels crew is full of talent in addition to its creative force. For starters, the project’s developers are none other than the West Coast NFT crew. For those unfamiliar, West Coast NFT is in charge of the technical aspects of big NFT initiatives such as Doodles and Sartoshi’s MFers.

SHILLR, an NFT consulting and marketing organisation, is also on board as a consultant for Dour Darcels. POAP, the NFT film Calladita, and the NFT market aggregator Genie Swap have all collaborated with SHILLR.

Given that the team behind an NFT project is perhaps the most crucial factor in its success, the project’s crew inspires a great deal of trust.

2. gloomy Darcels has a 14-year track record of working with major brands.
Darcels has appeared in a number of large advertisements with big businesses since Redman brought the character to life. Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Vogue, and The New York Times are just a few examples. Darcels will be able to continue to partner with brands in the future because it has had important partnerships long before it began as an NFT.

3. The classic egg character can adapt to a wide range of personalities and tastes.
Dour Darcels epitomises one of the aspects of non-human profile picture (pfp) avatars that people adore. That is, regardless of whether the NFT figure is an ape, a cat, an extraterrestrial, or an egg, people get to pick enjoyable characters that they relate to, even if they don’t look like them.

All types of people can find a Dour Darcels NFT that suits them thanks to its clean, distinct style and many enjoyable characteristics.

4. In a short period of time, the initiative has gathered a sizable social media following.
Depending on who you ask, a strong social media following can be worth a lot of money. Despite this, Dour Darcels now has over 28,000 Twitter followers and a Discord server with over 23,000 users.

It’s also worth noting that these communities did not spring up overnight. Instead, they came together over the course of a few months as Dour Darcels prepared for the launch. Overall, the numbers are good, indicating strong interest but not so large as to raise concerns of a phoney following.

5. Initial sales volume and ownership distribution appear to be positive.
Finally, there’s the math problem. Dour Darcels has collected a remarkable 3.1K ETH in secondary sales since its inception on March 5th. That puts it in 9th place on OpenSea’s ranking of projects based on sales volume during the last seven days. Similarly, the 10,000 NFTs are divided among 4800+ owners.

To be sure, a near-50 percent ownership distribution is a positive sign of a healthy project. To say nothing of the fact that the project’s backers include some major NFT figures, most notably Farokh.

Overall, Dour Darcels has had a fantastic start to its life as an NFT collection. Of all, in the world of NFTs, there is no such thing as a guaranteed thing, and no one can predict what will or will not be a blue-chip. With that stated, there are several characteristics about this NFT collection that speak to a bright future.

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