Decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs) are a revolutionary new type of organisation, according to THE UNU DAO.

DAOs are essentially online communities with shared bank accounts. Ownership of tokens or NFTs grants community members voting privileges, allowing them to essentially decide how the organization/protocol should develop going forward as well as how the money from the shared treasury should be spent.

We chose to develop the Unuverse DAO because there are essentially no restrictions on how inventive and practical DAO implementation will be in the future. This post will go through all the specifics of the future Unu DAO and how readers may join the Unuverse adventure.

Summary of Unu DAO

Our Unu DAO is created to have all community members working together for a same objective, forming a close-knit community. By supporting various environmental projects, we hope to simultaneously preserve Earth’s biodiversity and provide our NFT holders with a passive revenue stream.

We are ardent supporters of blockchain technology and think that the Unu DAO has the potential to create a structure that upholds moral principles and social consciousness. The architecture of Unu DAO is being planned with a heavy emphasis on the community and ecosystem.

Where can I join DAO Unu?

3,333 different NFTs will make up our first collection, “Unu Ark.” The NFTs will provide governance rights over our protocol in addition to providing a distinctive visual representation of wild animal existence. The designs are currently being worked on by our digital artists, and we will also be minting unique fan-art NFTs made by our devoted community.

As users would own 55% of the token supply, holders of $UNU tokens will also receive governance powers over the Unuverse. Each user may buy a maximum of 25 NFT packs when purchasing UNU NFT or voting rights in accordance with decentralisation regulations. This crucial step will aid in maintaining the decentralised nature of our DAO.

Voting, approving projects, and most importantly uniting NFT with a cause will all provide financial benefits to collectors, investors, and environmental activists. Users can effectively choose which threatened species or habitats should be preserved as a result.

Our users are encouraged to link relevant projects with the NFTs thanks to this special reward structure. A coupled NFT not only increases in value but also contributes to both virtual and actual biodiversity. distributing weekly UNU Token to the NFT holder and the impact project (CAUSE).

closing remarks

DAOs are already regarded as legitimate corporate entities in Wyoming, but there is still a long way to go before they are extensively used in everyday life. However, it is indisputable that they have the power to change how organisations operate and how traditional hierarchies are structured.

The Unu DAO seeks to make an immediate, beneficial difference in the outside world. In addition to sponsoring organisations and causes related to wildlife preservation, the DAO will also be in charge of developing plans for the Unu island, where the Unuverse community will decide on and enjoy special events and get-togethers.

Regarding Unuverse

Unuverse is a 3,333 NFT collection with an animal theme that is community-driven.

The complete collection serves as a decentralised database for endangered species, comparable to the United Nations Red List, and each NFT represents a distinct race from the animal kingdom.

Users can vote to fund a variety of programmes that promote biodiversity and the preservation of endangered species by holding the native token, $UNU, or one of the NFT animals.

Visit our official website or follow us on social media to become a member of our rapidly expanding community (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord).

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