Puma adopts blockchain technology and rebrands as Puma.eth on Twitter.

Puma is the most recent company to buy a decentralised URL. Puma.eth is the new Twitter handle for the German sportswear company.

According to their OpenSea account, the company has invested in Lazy Lions, Gutter Cat Gang, Cool Cats NFT, and Catblox, among other feline NFTs.

Puma ENS Domain is ranked 13th in the.eth domain rankings.

Major sports brands like Nike and Adidas have already made a major mark in Web 3. Adidas Originals previously collaborated on an NFT with Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comic, and gmoney. RTFKT, a virtual footwear and collectibles brand, was purchased by Nike.

Puma, on the other hand, is not skipping a beat. They recently teamed up with the Gutter Cat Gang.

When it comes to the.ETH domain leaderboard, parishilton.eth and shaq.eth are first and second, respectively.

More information on the ENS domain

The Ethereum Name Service has a total of 724,096 ENS names, according to Dune Analytics (at the time of writing). The biggest number of monthly registrations occurred in the last few months, which is significant.

Furthermore, ENS’ competitor, Unstoppable Domains, has over 2 million domains registered. Login, a single-sign-on service for Ethereum and Polygon, was also just released. As more DApps, wallets, exchanges, and marketplaces enable NFT usernames, Web 3 users are clearly using decentralised URLs for digital identities.

All.ETH names, according to an ENS Medium post, are NFTs that can “simply be linked into the ever-expanding NFT ecosystem.” The capacity to accept any cryptocurrency, token, or blockchain-based asset, as well as point to a decentralized website and save profile information like an avatar, email address, or Twitter handle, are just a few of the benefits of having an ENS name.

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