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Priyanshu Joshi joins UNUVERSE the next BlueChip NFT as a partner and COO.

UNU NFT (3333 in total) is poised to become the NFT Space’s next Blue-Chip NFT. Because all Unu NFTs are unique and represent a new form of global consciousness for doing good and owning real value, UNU NFT has already secured partnerships with some of the largest NFTs in the space, including Azuki, Monaco, and several other top collaborations.

IGNITE GROUP has also joined as an early investor, and Wilder, Flow, YGG, and a number of other companies have become strategic partners in the initiative. Priyanshu Joshi, the founder and CEO of NFT BOOSTS, has joined the initiative as a partner and advisor. They are the world’s largest, with a daily reach of 500,000 manual impressions on multiple social media platforms, which is more than enough to trend any business on social media every day. He also owns a software company, Diginix Ai Dubai, and a 3D printer manufacturing company, Ozo & Rob.

Impact NFTs to Change the World – What is a UNU NFT?

How can we truly improve our planet for the better? UNUVERSE – has 3333 different animal NFTs that depict the strangest and most interesting creatures on the planet. Consider it a Web3 version of the UN red list, with you as the owner of the effect NFT.

The UNU DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which operates as the central organization embodying the unu fundamental values, can link each animal NFT to positive impact initiatives (CAUSES). Owning your favorite animal entitles you to a seat in the DAO and a slew of benefits, including access to the unu token. There are only 3333 tickets available, but there will be a lot of like-minded people and impact investors in attendance. The project has already been urged to increase the number of items on the list. However, the number of drops is limited, and the list is hand-picked to represent the most valuable creatures on the planet.

As a new bluechip NFT, it is our obligation to fix the value chain and use blockchain technology to represent people who are frequently left out of the old financial system. This is a huge opportunity, and we’re only getting started. Julian Gaertner, a serial IT entrepreneur, environmentalist, and producer, Julian Gaertner 易宇航.

Unuverse’s team spans countries and brings together like-minded people willing to make a difference.

Unuverse Facts

Unuverse is a 3,333 NFT community-driven project with an animal theme.

Each NFT symbolizes a different animal species, and the collection as a whole serves as a decentralized database on endangered species, akin to the UN Red List.

The animals also have a number of Power Values, or Attributes, that describe their abilities, such as generating pleasant sounds or filtering contaminated water.

Users obtain governance powers over the Unuverse DAO and can vote to finance several projects promoting biodiversity and the protection of endangered species by buying the native token, $UNU, or one of the NFT animals.

We feel that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and entrepreneurs working on impact projects should contact UNU NFT to take use of the available funds to assist their projects and have a good impact on the environment.

Visit our official website or follow us on social media to become a part of our rapidly expanding community (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord).

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