Platform for the Metaverse As part of the inaugural season’s releases, The Nemesis debuts its main asset.

Metaverses are supposed to bring new experiences to light, making previously unattainable experiences open to the general public.

Many people see the metaverse as just another way to spend their time online. In many circumstances, however, the metaverse serves as a portal to new experiences, such as sitting behind the glass at a playoff game, visiting a celebrity-level luxury resort, or even travelling to faraway solar systems.

With virtual reality (VR) research well advanced, it’ll only be a matter of time before these previously unattainable experiences become a reality for the common person.

The Nemesis has emerged as the go-to solution for delivering these experiences, and it’s available on both iOS and Android. Users can get a glimpse of how the web is expected to change in the coming years by using their platform. Since then, the project has gained notoriety for its ability to combine virtual reality and a simple and engaging experience. The Nemesis has made it its goal to compete head to head with some of the industry’s largest companies, encompassing numerous alternative realities ranging from a cityscape to a SciFi neighbourhood. One of the platform’s key goals is to create enjoyable experiences through gamification, such as games, challenges, and prizes, among other things.

The platform has made headlines for becoming the first metaverse to stream a Lega football match. Although only one example, The Nemesis exemplifies what can be accomplished with high-quality technology and partnerships with companies like Consensys.

Season one is now available.

The Nemesis is the outcome of a four-year clandestine endeavour with the goal of creating something solid and stable.

Users can now access the Companion, the first season’s centrepiece asset, which is already available on online and mobile editions of the project. The Companion is made up of 8000 different NFTs, including a collection of futuristic digital treasures built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and brought to life on The Nemesis platform. Players can play and level up their in-game experience by holding these assets, and owners can reserve the right to possess land by holding these assets.

Despite the fact that Companions are not land assets, they do enable functional land reservation access. Each of these assets is a collectible ERC-721 NFT that provides users with perks such as immediate booking and presale access before the official launch with a 50% discount on land, as well as pre-emption rights on the purchase of presale lands, all of which are live and available right now.

The Nemesis ecology is based on land parcels, just like any other virtual environment. Plots are a 5×5 unit NFT ERC-721 with various matrices and fillers on which a 3D set is applied to form a metaverse in The Nemesis environment. On their lands, creators will be able to create their own 3D ambiances and bespoke metaverses.

The platform, which was unveiled during the NFC in Lisbon, has just come out of early access and is now open for participation. The Nemesis also announced plans to participate at the Cannes Film Festival, Piazza di Siena, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco, as well as its presence in New York City as a Platinum Sponsor of, one of the year’s most prominent blockchain conferences.

In the metaverse, there are a lot of firsts.

With several advancements still continuing, the team reports success with partnerships in the ConsenSys for Lega Serie A, a first match broadcast in the metaverse, and over one million raised with the first NFT collection companions. “Large investments in marketing and communications are planned with top international influencers in the crypto and mass-market world, as well as participation in the most major international events of relevance for the industry,” says Alessandro De Grandi, the creator and CEO of The Nemesis.

The company also says that a token launch and a land release are planned for the next months.

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