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Petaverse now allows you to create a Web3 version of your pet.

Petaverse is the place to be if you want to bring your pet to the Metaverse! This new project from Cominted Labs Studio allows users to use NFTs to make a duplicate of their own pets.

Only 1000 customised virtual creatures will be available in the Genesis NFT collection, with each piece costing 0.13 ETH. Let’s take a look at how Petaverse works while you’re getting your digital wallet ready.

What is the purpose of Petaverse NFTs?
In essence, Petaverse will begin its voyage with “MetaPaw,” a collection of 1000 NFTs. Each digital item will be delivered in the form of a unique virtual pet.

You can post images of your real-life pets after you have a MetaPaw NFT. For accuracy, you must provide photographs of your pet’s back, front, and side.

You must also provide information such as the pet’s name, breed, estimated size, and other pertinent information. Prior to minting, you can input all of the information on the Petaverse site.

The Petaverse technology will then create a 3D duplicate of your pet that is identical. A highly detailed digital avatar will be created by the team’s finest designers and developers. As a result, the digital assets will include numerous details, such as fur and moustaches. Consider the following scenario:

What benefits do NFT holders receive?

To begin, you can explore the amazing web3 world while accompanied by your beloved pet! NFT holders will also have special access to the Petaverse digital park. Community members will soon receive free Decentraland wearables as well.

Petaverse will continually offer unique deals, merch, and more as a community-driven enterprise. You’ll also gain plenty of benefits from the project’s brand partners in the future!

Let’s find out more because this is only the beginning of an ambitious roadmap.

What about the schedule for the project?

Petaverse NFT holders can already enjoy the project’s dedicated Pet Park at this time. In reality, the Decentraland foundation has given the company a grant for the location. As a result, members of the community can already socialise and take virtual walks in the park with their friends.

NFT holders will also have VIP access to the Pet Park in Q3. As a result, several thrilling airdrops will accompany this feature. In the meantime, each owner will receive a 3D file of their virtual pet.

The Petaverse game will be available in Decentraland by the end of the year! This knowledge will fuel the team’s ambitions for 2023, which include a ten thousand NFT collection, a native token, and a dedicated marketplace!

Overall, this incredible digital experience seeks to unite pet lovers like never before.

Make sure you mint your own Genesis NFT if you’re ready to join Petaverse as well! The digital assets will be available on the official website starting this month. Meanwhile, keep up with the project on Twitter and join their Discord server for special news, sneak peeks, and more!

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