Here we discover a bit of Open Games Builders Platform (OGB). All metaverses on the represented by companies, institutions, and celebrities with wide recognition in their fields of activity. This fact, per se, already makes projects unique, but not only have the support of these entities, but also all the elements that are developed within the metaverses are based on and obtained from real elements, which allows to have a unique experience much closer to the real universe. As its motto says: OPENGAMES WHERE METAVERSE MEETS UNIVERSE.

Currently the platform is developing 4 different metaverses, a metaverse based on the world of golf in collaboration with several champions of this sport, a metaverse based on motorsports and car racing, in collaboration with Campos racing team , a metaverse based on contact sports, in collaboration with various sports celebrities in which the first NFT fighting game (PVP game) will be developed, and a metaverse based on the history of life; QUANTUM, in which several dinosaur complete skeletons are being digitized, as well as unique collections of fossils, minerals and meteorites.

In this initial phase, OGB is launching the QUANTUM METAVERSE, which aims to be the first time scientific-cultural and leisure complex about history of life in the blockchain.

The Quantum metaverse project will be based on more than 40 years of the FACOPS company experience.

The origins of FACOPS date back to the early 1980s, when its creator, the paleo-restorer Mr. Francisco Javier Val López-Cortón, began his adventure with one goal: to discover and promote the history of life, and to do so he had to find and restore the best fossils, minerals, and meteorites in the world.

Mr. Javier Val
Mr. Javier Val

During these last 40 years, Mr. Javier Val together with his son Dr. Jonatan Val have collected the best fossils, minerals and meteorites in quarries and trade fairs around the world, reaching one of the best private collections in the world.

In 2020, the company has finally started the construction process of its most ambitious project, the QUANTUM museum, a center for leisure, culture and science based on never-before-seen interactive effects that will take its visitors on authentic journeys through time thanks to various immersive technologies.

However, sadly, Mr. Francisco Javier Val López-Cortón, pass away in year 2020 due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, his son, Dr. Jonatan Val Pulido continued with the determination of the legacy that his father had granted him, building a unique project that culminated all the work done.

After this unfortunate loss, Dr. Val reorganized the physical project and together with the company Open Games Builders designed the QUANTUM METAVERSE project, in which the universe of dinosaurs and the history of life will enter history for the first time in the metaverse.

Javi Jones (Mr. Javier Val NFT)
Javi Jones (Mr. Javier Val NFT)

To start this new adventure, the QUANTUM project is creating a new collection of 11111 NFTs in honor of Mr. Javier Val. The collection will be compound by a combination of a character characterized as Javier himself who is called “Javi Jones”, and of which there will be 11,000 different variants, granting special benefits to its holders.
However, there will not only be this type of NFT, they are also introducing 111 items of fossils, minerals and meteorites that will grant additional special benefits to their owners as well as the right to obtain the real item at home.

The complete collection of these items can be seen in OPENSEA:

As well as an example of them in the following Oncyber gallery:

know more about OPEN GAMES BUILDERS on their official webpage and join their socials (Twitter/Discord) for the latest updates.

The items in the collection are representing the types of fossils, minerals, and meteorites that players will be able to find in the future NFT game, and in the same way as in this initial sale, first owners will be able to claim it and take it home with them.

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