On the SXP Blockchain, a decentralised network has released a Minecraft clone metaverse.

DAOs dismantle the barriers erected by Web2 technology, allowing communities to carry out world-changing initiatives without the need for centralised control.

A metaverse, by definition, is a network encompassing a collection of two and three-dimensional virtual worlds in which users can interact and form strong social bonds as part of a larger community. While many people believe that current Web2 platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook provide community, the reality is that their foundations rely on centralization and a leader. As a result, despite their best efforts, these communities will never be able to offer the foundation that a group of like-minded people requires to fulfil their objectives, at least not without friction.

Blockchain technology and effectively decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) have become a critical basis for empowering communities to decide their own destiny, allocate resources, and affect genuine change. Currently, centralised authority are often restricting, contributing to the inefficiency that communities face in achieving their broad objective.

Solar has developed as a community-driven blockchain project that aims to create a truly governed ecosystem. As part of a larger ecosystem, their blockchain will eventually offer a wide range of features and tools to support enterprise-grade applications. As a result, Solar has a community-centered objective, in which users are invited to participate in their governance system or contribute to their platform as a voter, delegate, or metaverse participant.

Since then, the team has published a “blockcraft” implementation that works similarly to Minecraft, allowing users to participate in what will eventually be a massive metaverse. The initial alpha release is planned for the Easter egg hunt for research purposes as a first step in establishing whether the community is interested. Based on the event’s initial success, the Solar project plans to continue its work toward creating a metaverse by developing District 53, a Minecraft-based game for desktop and mobile.

A district where the people are in charge
Users will see that several successful components from current metaverse projects, such as Decentraland and Sandbox, have been included into District 53, including the option to acquire land through an auction structure. Purchases are intended in this style so that 90 percent of the initial transaction cost is burned, leaving 10% to be donated to District 53 developers.

When the land is purchased, it will be delivered as a nonfungible token (NFT) to the user’s wallet address. Users will be able to utilise the same wallet address to access the District 53 game as an NFT, allowing them to construct and edit these assets. Until the holder decides to sell, this land will be completely in their control. Sales will then take place on the Solar NFT marketplace, with the vendor keeping 100% of the profits.

However, in-game land isn’t the only pastime that users enjoy. With amusement in mind, users will be able to participate in a variety of in-game transactions, including mini-games that can be used to gain SXP.

District 53 is also built with business in mind, providing chances for developers, enterprises, businesses, and brands to advertise their goods and other products in the main area. This is also where users can spawn, which is a coincidence.

Bringing the DAO transition to a close

Solar’s community presently consists of 35,000 like-minded people who have backed the project’s work toward completing the items on its roadmap. Solar has effectively stayed on track to market its project similarly to EOS, Solana (SOL), and Ethereum (ETH).

Solar has finalised plans to auction off all of the land and advertising places, beginning with the least valuable plot and progressing until all of the property is sold. While land-selling features will be available soon, the metaverse’s final form will not be available until the end of the year.


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