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Nonfungible Stories, a new concept from Olyverse, is a type of experiential NFT (NFSs)

Present-day Hollywood is based on a centralised system in which monopolised organisations have absolute control.

Motion pictures have delivered a two-dimensional experience during the previous century, bringing to life some of the world’s most well-known stories. Unfortunately, despite its potential to bring the written word to life, movies have a centralised history that is governed by institutions that have monopolised the development of these stories.

The world has learnt that as technology evolves from a centralised to a decentralised model, how films are financed, produced, and disseminated is evolving in a way that unites fans and stars who share a passion for culture. Contributions are placed in the hands of users under this new Web3 model, providing them ownership of their assets and affording them worldwide access to interoperable platforms.

Olyverse, Olyseum’s digital entertainment 3.0 brand, lies at the heart of the collaborative creativity ecosystem. The site aims to develop a new audiovisual format by combining digital assets with stories presented by the top directors to link stars with their followers.

Carlos Grenoir, Olyseum’s CEO and co-founder, explains the notion further “With Olyverse, we take another step toward bringing the worlds of art and film closer together, introducing Hollywood 2.0. Fan participation is essential in a new, decentralised, collaborative storytelling approach. And who better to start with than lvaro Morte and Koldo Serra, whose film Money Heist changed the audiovisual landscape “.

With an experimental NFT concept –– nonfungible stories –– the Money Heist actor, Spanish film director, and former football player will achieve this together (NFS).

Meet the artist in charge.

Nonfungible stories (NFS) is a graphical animation series that will employ blockchain to provide consumers with exclusive content, one-of-a-kind experiences, and the ability to choose how a narrative will progress and end. The option to pre-watch episodes before the general public and live through the experiences of the major characters –– other stars –– themselves are some of the perks for the end-user.

The art leader is the title of the first NFS set, which refers to the plot of the asset. In this novel, a hacker named Olyver is tasked with safeguarding global works of art from a hacker who has vowed to steal them in order to feed on them and finally destroy them. To win, lvaro Morte must devise a strategy and assemble a talented team, a challenge that continues episode after episode and includes a celebrity cast.

These NFTs will be accessible for purchase on Olyverse’s platform via Olyverse’s token, OLY, and Ethereum (ETH), as well as credit or debit card.

Olyverse is a community-driven enterprise with a social character and a commitment to art, as well as cultural and social well-being built into its DNA. To demonstrate this, Olyverse will contribute a portion of its proceeds to various philanthropic causes selected by the episode’s star.

Lvaro Morte’s debut collection will launch with a cause that he has chosen, with a portion of the proceeds going to the CRIS Foundation, a private and independent foundation that fights childhood cancer.

A sneak peek at what’s to come

The inaugural lvaro Morte collection sold out in 84 seconds, raising $1 million during the pre-sale on November 14th.

Following the project’s June debut, the Olyverse team is looking forward to creating more experiences and TV episodes based on the NFS throughout the following three years. An exclusive party in Ibiza and other appealing destinations across the world will be one of these experiences, as will one-on-one activities such as cooking with a celebrity chef or engaging in acting seminars. Olyverse is also planning to co-produce an original TV series featuring lvaro Morte and other celebrities, which will be entirely driven by fans. The team is on track to offer an immersive and thrilling experience.

In the field of NFT dynamics, a new paradigm has emerged.

Within the dynamics of NFTs, Olyverse establishes a new paradigm. Farzin Fardin Fard, CEO of 3F Music Dubai, the official curator and wholesaler of Olyverse and the main owner of lvaro Morte’s first NFT collection, is leading one of the key aspects.

Farzin will be in charge of delivering the Olyverse NFTs to the secondary market with the structured and balanced supply required to create a dynamic and healthy ecosystem that favours quality and scarcity, in collaboration with 3F Music. This dynamic encourages exclusivity on an open, free field, which helps to gamify NFTst.

With its new state-of-the-art media and recording facilities in Dubai, remarkable collection of NFTs, and mastermind Farzin Fardin Fard, who will work hand in hand with Carlos Grenoir, lvaro Morte, and the rest of the Olyverse team, 3F Music is an ideal partner for Olyverse.

Find out more about Olyverse.

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