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NO HESI Web3 Acceleration Using the Supercar NFT Collection

The NO HESI brand, which is known for its fashionable clothes line and internet personality Snewj, is now expanding into the metaverse to extend its following of over 3.5 million followers. The concept, dubbed ‘No HESI Car Club,’ is based on the same love, devotion, and inspiration philosophies that have helped the brand grow its large fan following.

The brand is launching its Web3 adventure with the release of the famous Supercar NFT collection, which is designed to appeal to people who represent revolution, hustle, tenacity, persistence, overachieving, and relentlessness.

The Museum’s Collection

The first NO HESI NFT release, based on the Ethereum blockchain, is a collection of 6,500 unique 3D Supercars, each built from the ground up utilising original and copyrighted NO HESI artwork created with Blender.

There will be plenty of NFT Supercars available for motorists-turned-blockchain fans, as each car will have a unique combination of 108 qualities. Each one can be praised for its own style and individuality, while the collection as a whole caters to Supercar enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The Plunge

The whitelist presale and public sale for the drop will both take place in April at a TBD date, with a maximum of two NFTs per transaction available during the presale mint and a maximum of five NFTs available during the public launch.

A NO HESI Supercar NFT will cost 0.13 ETH in presale and 0.17 ETH in public sale.


The NO HESI team is now focused on its top objective, community expansion, in addition to the NFT collection drop.

Following the April debut of the Supercar NFT collection, NO HESI will look to expand its already well-oiled crew, launch a streetwear apparel giveaway for collection minters, and conduct IRL events like as a music festival in LA, meet-ups, and car events.

The development of a play-to-earn game and a metaverse centred on community members’ NFT Supercars is the final stage on the company’s current roadmap. They also want to include Supercars into a variety of metaverses.


The project’s team has a one-of-a-kind composition. It includes three in-house members, including Snewj, the leader, online personality, and founder of NO HESI, a community manager, and Angel, the co-founder of NO HESI Apparel.

Its outsourced team comes from the WTX Web3 firm, and it contains a diverse group of professionals who have worked on over 12 different blockchain projects in areas including web development, art direction, smart contracts, and strategy.

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