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NFTs with substantial holder incentives are released on a fully managed end-to-end marketplace.

The end-to-end lifetime is carefully considered behind the scenes of every successful NFT launch.

It appears like everyone in the globe is making NFTs. However, for every great launch, there is a project that is plagued by technical issues, website crashes, and is on the verge of failing. This caution emphasizes the importance of carefully considering each phase of the NFT lifecycle before starting a new project for creators. The choice of which marketplace to employ, as well as the content of the smart contract itself, are maybe the most important.

Consider the maximum mint amount, royalties, the location your NFTs will dwell on (on-chain or off-chain), the built-in features such as unpredictability, rarity, and voting rights, and any other usefulness that might be put into your creation at the time of minting. Although not all of these characteristics are determined at the time of minting, it is critical that authors specify the parameters from the beginning. Unfortunately, for individuals starting their first project, the sheer number of factors to consider might be intimidating.

NFT2Metaverse (N2M) is evolving as a metaverse marketplace with services that touch each phase in the process to support creators throughout the whole NFT lifespan. Designers will have the opportunity to create and sell originals in the digital domain. Rather of having to set up smart contracts, mint assets, or figure out where they will be sold, users can concentrate on creating high-quality artwork while the NFT2Metaverse takes care of the rest.

Through these efforts, NFT2Metaverse hopes to change the perception of world-class artwork from something only the wealthy can afford to something that is available to everyone.

NFT2Metaverse is presently collaborating with partners such as,, NFTevening,,,, and in order to recruit more designers to its platform and realize its objective of becoming the metaverse’s marketplace.

Amazon, but for non-fiction books

NFT2Metaverse will be created for designers and will follow a comparable state-of-the-art user experience to platforms like Amazon and eBay. Users can use N2exclusive M’s services to set up their wallets, which include the ability to add NFTs, list products for sale, and afterwards browse through options using a dedicated search tool.

In preparation for the launch, the platform is producing limited edition NFTs that will grant holders preferential access to the platform. The collection includes 9,999 programmatically produced 3D avatars, each with its own unique features, and 5999 NFTs will be available in the presale on June 10th, 2022. “Early investors got an opportunity to buy them for 0.15 ETH during the presale” by participating in this release.

The private sale is currently sold out. Users who want to participate even more are encouraged to join the remaining whitelist, which will give them priority access to future mints and sales.

Users can benefit from the more extensive components of the metaverse by participating in this sale, such as holder rewards, where a portion of earnings (40 percent) from NFT sales will be distributed to the owners themselves.

Long-term strategies are implemented.

On May 21, 2022, the NFT2Metaverse initiative successfully sold 1900 NFTs in a private sale.

Several long-term initiatives are at work in the marketplace’s ongoing evolution, despite the fact that the platform is still in its early phases. A new NFT collection with two handmade hyper rare characters, community building, and smart marketing has been announced by the team.

Find out more about the NFT2Metaverse.

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