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NFT Worlds NFT # 10,000 Collection Has Been Released # Know It All!!

The NFT Worlds NFT series is a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 useful, scalable tiny metaverses. This series offers a variety of virtual biospheres that can be built up in various ways and can be used in games and other metaverse initiatives.

These mini-worlds are driven by the Ethereum blockchain and are made up of random combinations of a variety of various qualities. Each NFT World has its own distinct characteristics. Each universe can be explored, expanded, and shared with other metaverse gamers and participants.

This project has shown to be a bright paragon in a throng of NFT initiatives flooding the crypto scape at the present, with all publicly exhibited tokens selling out in less than 45 minutes. This project is radically transparent and checks all the required requisites for success in the NFT arena, including strong communities on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.

Drop Date # Minting Phase Details for NFT Worlds Project.

On October 5th, 2021, the NFT World project began minting its tokens. This project, which was created by a group of seasoned producers and developers, is a brilliant illustration of the current diversity in the NFT arena. Most people believe that non-fungible tokens can only be used to make impressions, artworks, and pixelated hybrid animals, but this collection offers a fairly unusual selling proposition.

There are several very practical use cases related with the project since it promotes scalable, extendable, and fully navigable virtual environments. The project attracts not just to traders and speculators, but also to game lovers, with various concrete conveniences in the gaming metaverse.

Because the NFT field is still largely uncharted territory, projects that pioneer a fresh concept have a lot of potential. The NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is one such initiative, and it is expected to be a hit in the NFT community.

NFT Worlds Road Map – On October 5th, 2021, the project began minting its tokens.

– A total of 10% of the project budget has been set aside for world and rarity distribution data files.
– A quarter of the project’s items have been allotted to the World rarity and ownership authority dApp.
– The World overview dApp has received 30% of the project’s project items.
– Open-source protocols are used in the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series. It’s a virtual world ecosystem made up of NFT virtual worlds that’s open-ended. The project has been designed with the community as the primary focus.

Statistics from the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible Series

Since its inception, NFT Worlds has shown incredibly promising sales figures. The following is a summary of the overall sales:
In the previous seven days, 5019 tokens from the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series have been sold.
The NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series has a total sales volume of $6.19 million.
In the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series, the average price of a single token is $1.2k.
The NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is a collection of 10,000 virtual worlds that are all unique, scalable, and extensible.

Within the first 8 hours of minting, the complete collection of 10,000 planets was minted.
The most valuable token in the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series fetched $33.9k at auction. The extraordinary World #9238 was the most expensive token.
This one was sold on October 6th, 2021, and the predicted prices for the other tokens in this series had risen significantly.

NFT Worlds is now selling at the median price!

– The last token in the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series has a median price of $1051.

– As of October 9th, 2021, take one month’s prices into account.

NFT Worlds NFT # 10,000 Collection Has Been Released # Know It All!!
NFT Worlds NFT # 10,000 Collection Has Been Released # Know It All!!

Composition of NFT Worlds

While each planet has a consistent set of distinguishing features and qualities, each ecosystem provides consumers with a unique experience.

Each token in the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is a self-contained ecosystem in and of itself. Each token is made up of a unique combination of geographical features, ranging from lofty mountains to the deepest seas. Each token has unique facts regarding the world’s natural makeup, climate, and other aspects. The surroundings on each world are likewise vastly distinct from one another.

NFT Worlds’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

There are 46 different planet habitats to choose from, each with its own unique qualities. Aside from these standard elements, several tokens in the series include unique features such as a town, a mineshaft, jungle ruins, and much more. As a result, these characteristics determine the rarity. The monetary worth and cost of each token. If you’re seeking for an NFT that’s more than just a beautiful art collection, this one stands out as a one-of-a-kind series that blends functionality and scalability.


The NFT Worlds series offers a never-before-seen array of buildable worlds that allow buyers to express themselves. The collection appeals to a very specific section of purchasers because creating and controlling these worlds demands gamers to have a practical degree of expertise of gaming and contemporary applications. This will aid in the expansion and further stabilisation of the series’ values.

Each NFT World has its own unique characteristics that appeal to different types of gamers and collectors. On the Open Sea platform, you may see the entire collection.

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