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The fully curated NFT marketplace from Jupiter Meta is set to launch today.

Jupiter Meta is planned to start its NFT marketplace on February 23, 2021 in New Delhi. It would be the first completely curated NFT marketplace in India.

This marketplace will concentrate on verticals such as music, cinema, and gaming, allowing users to have unique experiences and make the most of their time in the metaverse.

Jupiter Meta is attempting to tap into the expanding Web 3.0 market, according to the company, with the goal of bringing users into a more participatory and personalised metaverse experience.

Jupiter Meta’s marketplace is powered by its proprietary Rubix level-1 blockchain technology, which has no gas fees. According to a press release, the blockchain is “environmentally friendly, secure, sustainable, and speedy for users.”

Jupiter Meta is the result of Manasa Rajan’s goal to establish a metaverse for everyone, not just techies, according to Manasa Rajan, Jupiter Meta’s Business Head.

“We’re seeing the beginning of a shift in what Web 3.0 can accomplish for us, and we’re excited to get started with the marketplace. At this exact time, we’re all defining pop culture, and it’s just going to get bigger “Added he.

At the same time, the company will launch “Icons of Singara Chennai,” the country’s first-of-its-kind digital wall art centred on Chennai. The project would consist of a collection of digital art pieces that would be marketed as NFTs and would embody the spirit of the city.

The NFTs are owned by Jupiter Meta, which aims to sell them on its marketplace. There would be 12 pieces of art, and the corporation intends to sell numerous copies of each.

Buyers must first register on the marketplace and create a wallet account before purchasing an NFT. The NFTs will be offered at a set price, according to the business.
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