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NFT Expoverse: Los Angeles Hosts the World’s Largest Blockchain Conference

NFT Expoverse, one of the world’s largest blockchain expos, is gearing up for its pilot event in Los Angeles. The event, which will take place from July 29 to July 31, will bring together blockchain influencers, artists, aficionados, and newcomers under one roof. Furthermore, the event welcomes both industry insiders and outsiders to assist them in learning everything there is to know about the Web3 sector and blockchain technology. So, let’s get started: What exactly is NFT Expoverse?

What is NFT Expoverse, and how does it work?

NFT Expoverse is a three-day event that brings together the who’s who of the Web3 industry. It is billed as the largest mass adoption blockchain event of 2022. It provides a forum for people who are interested in learning more about Web3, DeFi, dApps, cryptocurrencies, P2E gaming, and NFTs. Needless to say, the event provides a fantastic opportunity to network with some of the industry’s greatest personalities.

The NFT Expoverse will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29 to July 31. The event is notable for its diversity and low admission prices. Tickets start at $150 for a student pass and go higher from there, with VIP tickets available for special experiences and incentives.

In addition, the event is offering a 10% discount on all tickets! Simply enter the code ‘EVENING10’ or go to this Eventbrite link to get your discount.

What Can You Expect from the NFT Expoverse?

Over 150 lecturers and educators have signed up to give seminars, Q&A sessions, in-person encounters, and more at the NFT Expoverse. Nicole Alexander from Meta, Jasmine Cooper from Ripple, Darcy Donavan from Income Island, and Giovanna Graziosi from Decentraland, to name a few, are among the confirmed speakers.

In addition, nearly 300 exhibitors representing the biggest Web3 firms will demonstrate their products and services. Tokenframe, Near Hub, Hector Finance, Freeverse, CryptoBlades, Linqto, HyperNet Labs, and Lunar are among the companies on the list. This is your chance to try out dApps, peer-to-peer video games, cutting-edge DeFi systems, and even cryptocurrency wallets.

Furthermore, a number of well-known digital artists will exhibit their work at NFT Expoverse. Live NFT galleries, metaverse experiences, VR and AR presentation rooms, and meet & greets are all on the agenda. Exclusive NFTs will also be released by game developers, artists, auction houses, fashion brands, musicians, and others.

Finally, a VIP afterparty with industry executives puts the icing on the cake! Those who are unable to attend the event in person can participate remotely through a Metaverse version created by RLTY, the official Metaverse Sponsor of the NFT Expoverse.

Overall, the NFT Expoverse is an event you should not miss this year. Those interested in booth spaces and sponsorship options can email [email protected].

On the NFT Expoverse website, you can learn more about the event. For the most up-to-date information, follow the event on Twitter and Instagram, and join their Discord server.

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