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NFT digital assets are given real-world utility by a Hollywood motion picture vehicle designer.

While most people think of the metaverse as a way to connect the actual and virtual worlds, the opposite can also be true.

The metaverse is rapidly becoming a reality, infiltrating various facets of our lives such as games, work, and social interactions. However, many people currently regard the metaverse as merely a means of enhancing our physical world by expanding the range of possibility. The outcome has been a process that takes a concept from concept to design to prototype to metaverse prototype; this is the linear path that many real-world objects take to reach the realm of Web3.

Few, however, consider the inverse scenario. Consider the possibility of extending metaverse concepts into the real world. Users may, for example, be able to take digital assets such as nonfungible tokens (NFT) from virtual conceptions to real-life prototypes and, eventually, to a functional model.

The initiative for Y0 (pronounced ‘Y Zero’) NFTs is bringing this notion to life for the first time, according to reports. Matthew Cunningham, an industrial designer noted for his skill in advanced vehicle design, founded these NFTs in 2022. With this background, Matthew’s NFT concept cars are designed to bring science fiction to life. The first phase of development, which includes four limited-edition vehicles, will enable game-changing driving experiences in the metaverse as well as a printable version that can be printed at home using a 3D printer.

These concepts are intended to be constructed now and brought to reality in the near future with adequate manufacturing and propulsion technology. In the meanwhile, unlike others, these NFTs will allow users to build the concept endlessly.

Increasing the pressure on the medal

Cunningham’s considerable experience in sophisticated design projects for world-renowned automotive companies like as Audi, BMW, Bentley, Toyota, and Volkswagen provides a strong foundation for the project. He also has similar experience conceptualising and designing concept cars for movies and series like Space Jam 2, Aquaman, and Westworld with top motion picture studios including Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures.

Cunningham puts these experiences into effect by applying them to the same methods employed in luxury car design and Hollywood blockbuster films. Each Y0 NFT automobile has its own personality, story, design nuance, and set of features. Y0 NFT automobiles are developed by Matthew Cunningham himself and include 15 important characteristics such as headlamps, louvres, adaptive high beams, wheels, greenhouse, and tyres, among other things.

Each concept vehicle represents a unique combination of fundamental ideas known as a “theme,” or “De” in Taoism. De represents innate character, inner strength, and integrity. Y0 NFT will donate a considerable amount of the proceeds from its initiatives to foundations that share the same De as the concept car, as part of its forward-thinking mentality.

These goods cannot yet be driven because they are concept cars. As a result, Y0 NFT cars overcome this problem by offering metaverse usefulness to all holders. Users are given the opportunity to drive a Y0 NFT car, commonly known as a DigicarTM, in the metaverse and park it in their virtual garage. These capabilities are in addition to the Y0 NFT DigicarTM’s glTF file and other formats required for 3D printing the virtual design.

On the verge of global adoption
With Web3 on the verge of widespread acceptance, Y0 NFT positions itself to be a trailblazer and the glue that connects NFTs, automobile fans, and Hollywood films by delivering world-class 3D NFT concept vehicles and enabling a game-changing driving experience.

The Y0 collection will be expanding its offers with three more 3D cars NFTs in the future. Through continued releases, the Y0 collection will strengthen this link between the metaverse and real life.

Find out more about Y0.

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