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NFT collection with a cat theme is optimistic as they reveal a bold roadmap.

The “biggest historical figures in human history” are the focus of an NFT collection named after a well-known Ancient Egyptian god.

A brand-new NFT collection is inspired by Egyptian mythology and aspires to be the centre of an immortal universe.

Anubis, one of Ancient Egypt’s most well-known gods, the patron deity of lost souls, the god of mummification and the afterlife, served as the inspiration for Immortal Cat.

This collection has 2,266 NFTs in total, which have been painstakingly divided into five distinct species: Wisdom, Art, Genesis, Magic, and Smith.

The benefits that collectors may obtain by staking depend on the species.

Artists drew inspiration from “the 300 greatest historical people in human history” as they were creating them.

Immortal Cats are not only intended to have a distinct aesthetic, but also to establish a completely new civilisation.

Breeding games, a secondary market, postcards, and a presence in the metaverse will all be a part of a new ecosystem.

Users of ETH message cards can also create nonfungible tokens with custom messages that can be transmitted to any wallet address, opening up a brand-new channel of communication.

A world team

The creation of a social hub in the metaverse is planned, and Immortal Cat’s founders claim their roadmap is continuously changing to keep up with market trends.

The project has focused on providing long-term value to stakeholders and has much more to offer than NFTs, games, and airdrops.

The majority of Immortal Cat’s squad is situated in California, while certain members may also be found in China and Singapore. The initiative now has an official page on OpenSea, the biggest marketplace in the world, in the hopes that its NFT collection will also be popular on a worldwide scale.

The founder of the project is Raymond, a self-described NFT enthusiast, “senior blockchain investor,” and the brains behind other DeFi and GameFi ventures.

Yazzie, who is reported to have created the intellectual property for several well-known figures, is the artist behind Immortal Cats.

In the future, the project intends to start further NFT collections as well as a studios arm.

The Immortal Cat team is feline confident because they have a well-thought-out plan in place and a lot to look forward to.

Find out more about Immortal Cat

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