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Moonbirds take the top rank in the NFT after selling $290 million in four days.

Moonbirds’ floor price has quickly climbed to 18.45 ETH after selling for a mint price of 2.5 ETH on April 16.

After only four days, the Ethereum-based Moonbirds NFT project has soared to the top of the trade volume charts, generating $290 million in sales.

There are a total of 10,000 computer-generated pixel owl avatar NFTs, which were quickly sold out on April 16 for 2.5 Ether (ETH) each NFT, or $7,700 at current pricing. On secondary marketplaces, the floor price (minimum average sale) has soared, with OpenSea currently showing a whopping 18.45 ETH ($56,800).

The project has earned more than $289.9 million in secondary sales, according to CryptoSlam data (figure also includes mint sales). The project is the top-selling NFT collection during the past seven and thirty days, and second over the last 24 hours, according to the graph.

On the 30-day chart, the volume gap is noticeable, with Moonbirds’ NFT sales statistics 52 percent more than second-placed Azuki’s $189.3 million, and 76 percent higher than the BAYC’s $164.6 million.

DappRadar also noted that the Moonbirds #7963 NFT, which sold for 135 ETH ($410,000), was the ninth-largest selling of all NFT collections in the previous week.

By introducing utility-focused NFTs that provide holders access to a private ecosystem and membership club, the Moonbirds initiative is following in the footsteps of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Hodler privileges will include privileged access to future drops, a membership club, clothing, and early access to a planned Metaverse platform called “Project Highrise,” according to the project’s roadmap.

The PROOF Collective, which is working on various NFT initiatives and also serves as a private social club for the 1,000 PROOF Collective NFT holders, established the Moonbirds NFT collection. At the time of writing, the collector membership passes had a floor price of 91 ETH ($278,800).

Moonbirds’ strong start appears to be due to investors’ strong support for the PROOF Collective’s founding members, which include digital entrepreneur and Digg founder Kevin Rose, as well as web3 investors Justin Mezzell and Ryan Carson.

Rose’s initiative was endorsed by an NFT collector known as “Cryptolocity” on Twitter, who said they backed it because of his strong reputation, contacts in the web2 and web3 sectors, and his NFT-focused podcast, which has “included some of the most life-changing ‘alpha'” for his listeners.

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