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Mike Tyson NFT Collectibles # Learn Everything There Is To Know About Collecting Cory Van Lew contributed to this article.

Here’s all you need to know about Mike Tyson’s NFT Drop and release date. On August 19th, 2021, Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers of all time, launched a set of NFTs.

There are 11 one-of-a-kind NFTs and six special edition NFTs with nearly 300 copies in the Mike Tyson NFT collection, designed by Cory Van Lew.

The following 4 Drops are included in the Mike Tyson NFT collection, which has original art by Cory Van Lew:

Drop 1 – Mike Tyson: The Ultimate NFT: 1-of-1 Unlockable
Drop 2 – The One-of-a-Kind Collection: 10 One-of-a-Kind NFTs
5 Original NFTs in Drop 3 – The Knockout Series (50 Editions Each)
Drop 4 – The World’s Most Dangerous Man: A Single Collector’s Edition NFT (250 Editions)

Mike Tyson referred to Cory Van Lew as a “Art Assassin” in his first tweet following the introduction of the Mike Tyson NFT, and he has added his creative touch to some of Mike Tyson’s most memorable moments in the ring.

Mike Tyson’s glory years have been shown in neon-colored paintings, including his most spectacular knockouts, title victories, and, of course, the “Ear-biting” incident.

On OpenSea, the minimum bid was.5 ETH, but some are now priced at 250 ETH.

So, before you decide to acquire Mike Tyson NFTs, you need have a thorough understanding of the situation. And that is exactly what this Mike Tyson NFT review is going to do.

Mike Tyson’s NFT Collection: What Is It?

Now we’ll go over the NFT collectibles in detail, so pay attention.

The Exceptional Mike Tyson NFT: Unlockable 1-of-1

This is a six-unlockable area where you can train with Mike Tyson, battle with him, and rest with him on his ranch.

Unlockable 1: Get first-class airfare and hotel accommodations to visit Mike Tyson’s training facility in Southern California. You will spend a whole day living like Mike Tyson, exploring his training facility, studios, and viewing some incredible art collections.

Unlockable 2: Receive one-on-one boxing training from the legend himself in order to prepare for the fight.

Unlockable 3: Enter the boxing ring and compete against Mike Tyson’s sparring partners while being backed up by the legend himself.

Unlockable 4: After a strenuous workout, unwind at Mike Tyson’s ranch, where you can smoke pot and obtain Tyson ranch items such as snacks boxes and gift bags.

Unlockable 5: Unlock Mike Tyson’s treasure chest, which contains Mike Tyson memorabilia and accessories.

Unlockable 6: After completing the Mike Tyson adventure, you will receive a physical Cory Van Lew neon-colored NFT that depicts the boxing legend’s work with the artist.

The One-of-a-Kind Collection: 10 One-of-a-Kind NFTs

Mike Tyson’s whole boxing career will be covered in this collection of NFT, including pre-fight interviews, top knockouts, post-fight celebrations, and his love for pigeons.

Mike Tyson’s ascent to popularity is chronicled in this NFT, which is restricted to one edition.

5 Original NFTs from the Knockout series (50 Editions Each)

The Knockout series NFTs are limited to 50 copies and feature some of Mike Tyson’s most memorable fights. It features his knockout bout with Marvin Frazier, his kiss with the pigeon, the “ear-biting” event, and several famous victory celebrations, as well as one of his most memorable fights with Holyfield from June 28, 1997.

A Single Collector’s Edition of The Baddest Man on the Planet NFT is an abbreviation for non- (250 Editions)

This version depicts Mike Tyson’s debut heavyweight bout against Jesse Ferguson on February 16, 1986. Mike won his first heavyweight title after a six-round contest. Cory Van Lew has captured this historic event in a winning position using colour palettes.

Mike Tyson’s NFT Sales and Drop Information
Current Mike Tyson NFT Price Trends (As of September 13th, 2021):

In, there are 528 Mike Tyson NFT accessible. Mike Tyson NFT currently has a floor price of 6 ETH. With 319 owners, the transacted volume is 4.8K ETH.


Mike Tyson NFTs were just released a month ago, but they quickly became quite popular on the day of the auction. The statistics show that prices will continue to rise in the future. Mike Tyson NFTs will attract NFT traders from all over the world because of Mike Tyson’s worldwide popularity and Cory Van Lew’s ingenuity. However, because NFT is a volatile market, we recommend that you monitor Mike Tyson NFT metrics on a frequent basis before making a buy.

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