The Fabricant, WOW & RLTY Host a 3 Day Metaverse Fashion Event

Iconic Web3 brands RLTY, The Fabricant, and World of Womens are make a team for a unique three-day metaverse fashion event. From 20th-22nd September, you can share in a vast, immersive digital fashion experience that will showcase some of the biggest names in the digital fashion and technology assiduity. RLTY is be the presentorof this event in the Decentraland metaverse, in a custom-created fashion headquarters. You can reserve your tickets now along the RLTY website.

Web3 fashion brands unite for the metaverse event

RLTY, the metaverse event company, is working nearly with two of the biggest Web3 fashion brands worldwide – The Fabricant and World of Women (WoW). As a result, the three have created a fantastic virtual event for fashion suckers and Web3 suckers.
The Fabricant is a leading digital fashion studio grounded in Amsterdam. They are a massive player in the digital fashion assiduity and have preliminary worked alongside brands similar as Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour.
Likewise, World of Women is more further than an NFT design. It is an opportunity to celebrate inclusivity and equal opening in the new digital age. The WoW NFTs are trendy, and some PFPs wouldn’t be out of place in a fashion show. So, with a vibrant and creative section, WoW is the bestest NFT to have involved in this event.


What is passing at the three-day metaverse fashion event?

The three-day event will showcase the stylish of Web3 fashion in an immersive and witching world. The event takes place at The Fashion headquarters, “Synth Ave”, which draws alleviation from the notorious New York fashion road Fifth Adieu.
This is a massive development by the RLTY platoon, and Synth Ave will be adorned with World of Women NFTs along its walls, alongside others.
Likewise, this metaverse fashion event is an excellent occassion to learn further about the digital fashion particulars. Then you can view some fantastic fashion items and network with like-inclined people.
The event will also feature music, entertainment, pop-up shops, and discussion panels. Significantly, there will be educational panels on digital fashion from the World of Women, The Fabricant, and other assiduity icons. What’s more, there is indeed a state-of-the-art personality area!


The Fabricant x WoW original looks NFTs

To launch the event, The Fabricant and World of Women have created 27 Decentraland original aesthetics NFTs. These NFTs will go on display as 3D rotating images at the three-day fashion metaverse event.
Attendees can buy the different Decentraland original aesthetics directly at the event, using Decentraland’s native commemorative MANA.
The 27 fashion aesthetics are part of a wider 1000 NFT collaboration. Actually, you can buy one right now on OpenSea. There will also be 1000 The Fabricant x WoW crypto pocketbooks and a limited edition winner bag on trade sale.
The idea behind this collaboration is to showcase the eventuality of fashion in the metaverse while introducing women to the enormous possibilities of digital fashion.
Eventually, you can reserve your ticket for the fashion metaverse event right now, on RLTY.

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