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Meet The Upcoming Fractionalizing The Moon Into 3D NFTs in the Moon Metaverse

Have you ever wondered what it’s like up in the night sky when you see the moon? Anon, there’s no need to look any farther. In the NextMoon metaverse, you can now explore all sides of the moon like a virtual astronaut.

The NextMoon, which is a 1:1 unique 3D moon built on the Solana blockchain, offers a realistic digital recreation of living in orbit. In addition, you can buy a piece of the Moon in the shape of an NFT! But first, let’s figure out what the NextMoon metaverse is all about before we learn how to buy these moon NFTs.

Whoa! What is the NextMoon Metaverse, and how does it work?

To begin, the NextMoon is a Solana blockchain-based metaverse project that features a 1:1 3D moon. There are 8,230 parcels of land on the moon available for purchase as NFTs. Aside from that, in a simulation game, all aspiring space explorers will be able to scout the moon in a cool space suit with a badass spaceship, as illustrated above. Isn’t that amazing?

The team has clearly taken great care in recreating the Earth’s moon in this metaverse. On the map above, every single crater and landmark on the moon is depicted in detail. The Sea of Showers, a gigantic lava plain on the Moon, and one of the Solar System’s largest craters, for example, are all represented. The level of precision and intricacy that has gone into the NextMoon is undeniably astounding.

What is a NextMoon NFT and why should you get one?

Isn’t that the million-dollar question? But, luckily for us, NextMoon just started selling its land NFTs to the general public yesterday! Desert, Craters, and Landmarks are the three different types of NFT lands available.

– Desert: The most popular NFT land is selling for 2 SOL per square metre.

– Craters: These are rare, massive structures with endless potential. You may even discover lava tubes beneath your own craters. This NFT land is being sold for 15 SOL per unit.

– Landmarks: On NextMoon, this is the most sought-after NFT territory. For 25 SOL each, you can own famous sites of human civilization on the moon, such as the Apollo missions.

These NFT land plots are still available as of this writing. But don’t delay; don’t wait until it’s sold out!

What is the benefit? Concerning the advantages of the metaverse
Sure, there are a lot of benefits in store for you. To begin with, being a land baron in NextMoon entails establishing the regulations for exploring your domain. In reality, when the NextMoon metaverse starts, you’ll be able to accumulate resources to construct your own Moon Base on the plot.

Furthermore, land ownership and participation in NextMoon’s play-to-earn game will eventually provide you both active and passive income streams. Aside from that, you can join NextMoon’s DAO and assist to influence the metaverse’s future.

What does the future hold for NextMoon?

One thing is certain: NextMoon has a lot of intriguing advancements ahead of it. The team plans to debut its Moon NFT marketplace in Q2 of this year, with further marketing and community activities to follow.

More importantly, we will witness the first release of Moon Metaverse before the end of this year’s third quarter. At the same time, the NextMoon token’s IDO will be released, followed by listings on CEX and DEX. The NextMoon economy will have a test run for the rest of the year following the metaverse debut.

That’s not all, though. Starting in 2023, the team will include VR/AR functionality for the metaverse, with the possibility of creating the game’s next solar system. By then, NextMoon would have matured into a financially viable metaverse for all.

As a result, NextMoon is certain to be the next interesting metaverse for everyone, especially space explorers and sci-fi fans. If you want to learn more about NextMoon, go to their official website and follow them on social media (Twitter, Discord) to stay up to date!

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