Meet NFT2Metaverse, the One-Stop Shop for Everything Metaverse

Have you ever considered introducing your digital items into the metaverse only to be put off by cumbersome Web3 stuff like smart contracts? Don’t be concerned. NFT2Metaverse (N2M) is the go-to marketplace for everything metaverse-related in the works.

N2M offers attractive benefits to its early investors in addition to doing all of the heavy labor for product designers in the metaverse. Continue reading to learn how.

What is NFT2Metaverse, and how does it work?

In essence, NFT2Metaverse (N2M) aspires to be the metaverse’s marketplace. Essentially, the platform will serve as a one-stop shop for designers looking to market their digital products online. In brief, that means they help to set up smart contracts, minting, and generally handle the complete web3 selling process. As a result, designers will only need a few clicks to upload their NFTs to the metaverse.

When will NFT2Metaverse be available?

In 2023, NFT2Metaverse will begin a month-long trial period. Designers will be able to use the platform for free for the first month! Furthermore, they will be entitled to keep all of their royalties. N2M will also onboard 10,000 designers throughout this time. Their head designer, Tim Bakker, will also join the N2M Platform.

NFT2Metaverse will take a 10% cut of every NFT sale starting in the second month. The remaining funds will be distributed to the designers. Designers will reportedly only have to pay $99 a month to use the N2M platform. N2M NFT holders, on the other hand, can profit from the platform!

Meet NFT2Metaverse, the One-Stop Shop for Everything Metaverse
Meet NFT2Metaverse, the One-Stop Shop for Everything Metaverse

NFT2Metaverse NFTs are a new type of NFT.

NFT2Metaverse will begin by dropping an NFT collection of 9,999 unique PFP avatars. As seen above, there are three types of avatars to pick from: Teddy, Scully, and Komody. A total of 3,333 NFTs will be included in each of them.

But what are the benefits though? As mentioned, 10 percent of the NFT revenues will go to NFT2Metaverse. All N2M NFT holders will receive a 40% cut of the platform’s overall income on a monthly basis as a result of this. What a substantial source of passive income!

In addition, N2M NFT holders will get first dibs on whitelist places for future NFT2Metaverse initiatives. In addition, holders will earn discounts on all NFT collections from partners. Furthermore, all N2M NFT holders will be eligible for free airdrops from all N2M-related projects as well as access to a holders-only Embassy in the metaverse.

How do I get a N2M NFT?

It’s no surprise that 1,900 of these NFTs were sold out during the private sale, given their high utility to their holders. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to play in the first round!

Yes, during a Pre-Sale on June 10th at 2 PM CEST, NFT2Metaverse will provide another 5,999 of these NFTs. For people on the Whitelist, each NFT will cost 0.15 ETH.

Fortunately, obtaining a seat on the whitelist is simple. Simply register your Ethereum wallet address on N2official M’s website — that’s all there is to it! To learn more about NFT2Metaverse and how you can become one of their early supporters, read the whitepaper and follow them on social media (Twitter/Discord).

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