Find Market Stats and a Buying Guide for NFT Hape Prime in January.

This article covers a non-fungible token collection created in 3D digital art utilising a modified ape as the central figure. NFT Hape Prime has further information.

Are you seeking for non-fungible token-based art collections that are interesting? If you answered yes, continue reading this article, which outlines a sort of art collection that has been discussed among members of the crypto community.

When there is a potential buyer, the digital art collection serves to create an opportunity to trade. Digital art collectors in the United States are investing in a variety of art collections that may increase in value in the future. To understand more about the NFT Hape Prime, read all the way to the end without skipping any paragraphs.

Collections of Hapre Prime NFT

Hapre Prime is an NFT collection of 3D digital arts made by Hapebeast, Digimental Studio’s London-based fashion and art playground. The digital arts in 3D format in the NFT collections feature apes as the main protagonists.

The NFT collection includes a variety of modified apes that show the progression of the species. The apes are given a unique 3D design as well as clothes that complement the art and its themes. The Ethereum blockchain is used to create the NFT collection. The official NFT mint began operations on January 19, 2022.

Hape Prime NFT

1> The Hape Prime NFT collections were designed to depict the concept of progression.
2> The NFT arts are all meticulously designed and one-of-a-kind.
3> The price of NFTs changes depending on the NFT’s rarity.
4> The development of the NFT collection is divided into three stages. “In the Beginning,” “The Hape Machine,” and “The Hapewalk” are the first, second, and third phases, respectively.
5> One of the most distinguishing elements of all NFTs is the unique clothing collaborations and design supplied to make each work one-of-a-kind.

Where can I purchase Hape Prime NFTs?

1> Visit the official website to purchase NFT Hape Prime.
2> Log in with your username and password. An OpenSea account can be created for free by new users.
3> Connect your wallet to the OpenSea platform after completing the log-in steps.
4> To create a new wallet, new users can go to Trustwallet or Metamask.
5> Add ETH tokens to your Metamask/Trustwallet.
6> Select the NFT that must be purchased.
7> Choose “Buy Now” from the drop-down menu.
8> When the transaction is completed, the user’s wallet is credited with the appropriate amount of ETH tokens.
9> After that, the buyer receives ownership of the NFT. The buyer can sell his NFTs for a higher price if he wants to. Find out more about the NFT Hape Prime.

Hape Prime NFTs with OpenSea Currently, the OpenSea platform has 7448 Hape Prime NFT collections.

1> There are 6000 NFT owners in total.
2> The NFT’s floor price is 6.9 ETH.
3> The total volume transacted is 9700 ETH.
4> The most expensive Hape prime NFT was priced at 100,000,000,000,000 Ethereum. This NFT is owned by Samuel.


NFT art collections with unique characteristics are in high demand and have a high value in the NFT marketplace since they can be used across multiple platforms. Please go to to learn more about this subject.

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