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LimeWire is rebranding itself as the NFT Marketplace.

LimeWire is about to make a comeback.

The defunct peer-to-peer file-sharing service will resurface as an NFT marketplace focused on music, art, and other entertainment-related items, according to CNET. LimeWire’s rebirth was revealed earlier this week, less than a year after Austrian brothers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr purchased the company’s intellectual property rights.

Julian, the company’s co-CEO, told Bloomberg, “It’s a pretty iconic name.” “If you look on Twitter nowadays, you’ll see hundreds of people reminiscing over the name. Everyone associates it with music, and we’re establishing a highly music-focused marketplace at first, so the name was a natural fit with its history.”

LimeWire was founded in May 2000 and allows users to find, share, and download free music, films, and other online assets. After US District Court Judge Kimba Wood found against the firm in a copyright infringement action, the platform was shut down in 2010.

Fans and collectors will be able to “purchase and trade a variety of music-related assets, such as limited editions, pre-release songs, unreleased demos, graphical artwork, exclusive live versions, as well as digital products and backstage content,” according to a press statement. The marketplace will display values in US dollars rather than cryptocurrency, and users will be able to buy tokens with credit cards and bank accounts.

LimeWire GmbH is set to begin in May, but you can get early access to the marketplace by signing up for the LimeWire waitlist on the company’s website.

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