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Let’s get real: NFTs backed by physical collectibles.

So you’ve figured out your personal style in the real world, but what about in the metaverse? The answer can be found in this “phygital” marketplace.

“Why don’t you just right-click it and save it?” says the narrator.

Skeptics are often perplexed as to how virtual works of art may be valued millions of dollars when it comes to NFTs.

Of fact, this critique frequently misses the mark. It’s possible to photograph the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, but it’s not the same.

Now, a new community-owned marketplace is fighting back by delivering nonfungible tokens that aren’t just digital products.

Each of the NFTs

in ClubRare’s collections, according to the company, represents ownership of a real-world authenticated collectible that can be brought to life in the metaverse.

The project cites industry experts who believe that the crypto business, particularly the metaverse, will soon be at a crossroads between the physical and digital worlds.

It’s also developed an official collaboration with The Sandbox, one of the world’s most well-known metaverse businesses, to ensure that ClubRare collectors may fully immerse themselves in their NFTs.

Both platforms will collaborate in the future to develop gorgeous limited-edition projects, with ClubRare getting its own storefront.

Making phygital a reality

ClubRare’s marketplace, a decentralised trade platform owned by the community, lies at the centre of its universe. Exclusive, real-world products can be purchased in a flash, and all purchases are thereafter reproduced in NFT form. It’s the equivalent of purchasing a lovely new T-shirt and receiving a complimentary virtual one that your avatar may wear as well.

The Lazy Leo Club is a limited-edition collection of nonfungible tokens that provide “unique skills and abilities” throughout the ClubRare ecosystem. Only 10,000 of them exist.

That’s not all, though. A governance token has also been created to ensure that community members may help guide the future of metaverse development and NFT trading — effectively functioning as a think tank for ClubRare’s future orientation.

Meanwhile, MPWR, a token that may be staked to lower NFT trading fees and gain access to cutting-edge authentication tools and shipping, is available. There are other benefits for creators, including the ability to seek for grants and raise funds through crowdfunding as they bring their collections to market.

MPWR is shaping out to be the lifeblood of this thriving new ecosystem, from customising land to equipping avatars and battling for exclusive access to limited-edition drops.

The user-friendly ClubRare website provides a breakdown of the best collections, as well as the most recent releases and most-viewed items. Phygital assets are also divided into categories such as handbags, watches, jewellery, art, food, and footwear for discerning lovers looking for something specific.

Creating a stir

The ClubRare team is a platinum sponsor of the NFT.NYC conference in New York City, which is the industry’s premier event. The initiative promises to unveil a major brand relationship and conduct an exclusive auction during the event, which runs from June 20 to 23.

On June 23, the day after NFT.NYC ends, an invite-only event will take place, featuring insights from “established and rising voices in Web3” – passionate individuals with a lot of experience across metaverses and e-commerce.

ClubRare’s metaverse is planned to launch in closed alpha in the fourth quarter of 2022, and it’ll be on display at NFT.London, the sister event to NFT.NYC. In addition, between 2023 and 2025, the team’s attention will shift to a fully decentralised ecosystem in which the community is in charge.

ClubRare is sure that “phygital” is a word on everyone’s lips with an assortment of top-tier collaborations, must-have collectibles, and the added utility of a tangible object in the real world.

Find out more about ClubRare.

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