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NFT Collectibles: Sevens # Learn Everything There Is To Know About The Sevens NFT Project

Are you looking for NFT Collectibles from The Sevens? Are you a fan of the 2007 Sevens tournament? The Sevens NFTs Project’s launch dates, where to buy, and other details can be found here.

The Sevens are a popular NFT collectible because to their distinct looks. An algorithm methodically designs each NFT to give it an appealing appearance. The Sevens NFT project is set to trend much more in the near future, thanks to an interesting tale, a clear path, and a supportive community. In today’s 07 The Sevens Review, we’ll take a deeper look at the game’s release dates, price, and more.

What Exactly Are “The Sevens”? Know Everything There Is To Know About 07 Review of The Sevens 7,000 Unique Aesthetic Collectibles

The Sevens is a new NFT project that includes a collection of 7000 digital items created by an algorithm. Anime, games, memes, movies, and pop culture references are among the 7000 NFTs. Shirts, headpieces, masks, sweatshirts, and other clothes and accessories make up the entirety of the Sevens NFT range.

For these NFTs, there is a growing Sevens NFT community, which can be found on their Twitter, Discord, and Instagram pages. The Sevens have around 31.3K Twitter followers, about 50,000 Discord users, and 1,380 Instagram followers, making them suitable for acquisition.

A few lucky members of the community may also receive airdropped NFTs, which they can then sell on a marketplace.
The Sevens’ popularity stems from their unusual methods of sharing information, which include hints in sketches and treasure hunts to keep the community involved. You can also interact with the community or acquire important information by joining the Sevens Discord or Twitter accounts.

Furthermore, The Sevens’ crew interacts with its fans by providing them with interesting rewards and chances to win presale Seven NFTs.

The Origins of “The Sevens” The NFT Collectible Team of the Sevens

The storey is set in a bleak future where the metaverse serves as a source of redemption. There are treasures buried deep within the metaverse that are difficult to locate. It will be easier to take control of the physical world if you can find them.

Sales Statistics for the Sevens # 07 Stats

Pre-Sale Price & GAS Information for The Sevens NFTS!

Because the Sevens has not yet begun, a pre-sale will begin on September 4th at 2 PM UTC and expire on September 7th at 12 PM UTC. The pre-launch is not open to everyone. It is only given to members who have been active on The Sevens social media platforms.

Prior to the launch, approximately 2000 NFTs were allocated. Pre-sale (1554), marketing (150), and strategic partners are among the recipients (296). Approximately 5000 NFTs are currently available for public purchase. In the presale, the NFT is available for 0.07 ETH + gas. On the pre-launch, a single user can only mount two wallets at a time.

The Seven NFT Project’s Post-Launch Schedule

From September 7, 2021, at 7 p.m. UTC, you can begin minting the Sevens NFTs. Only 5000 digital assets will be offered. In addition, the quantity of NFTs produced each transaction is limited to one for the first seven minutes. After the first seven minutes, the maximum amount of mints that a single user can have is increased to seven NFTs, until all of them are gone.

Where Can I Get The Sevens NFTs?

Starting on the launch date, you can start minting NFTs on their official website.

Simply enter the desired number of NFTs and click “Mint.”

After all 7000 Sevens NFTs have been coined, you can look for them on prominent NFT markets like OpenSea or Rarible to buy them on the secondary market.

The NFTs that will be available on various marketplaces will be listed by persons who bought them during the launch.

The official page of the Sevens with Opensea is now available.

Please be aware that Opensea has a lot of scam pages, and the Discord community has reported that customers have bought 3 ETH of Fake Sevens NFTS.

Is the Sevens NFTS a Good Project?

The Sevens are a terrific addition to any collection of NFTs. Thousands of followers on various social media platforms are anxious to get their hands on The Sevens NFTs, and their community has developed at an exponential rate. The aesthetics and unique blend of distinct features that make The Sevens appealing to their community are what make them valued.

Furthermore, The Sevens NFTS is presently launching its first season, and those who collect them will be eligible for further advantages in Seasons 2 and 3, which will be released by the end of next year. Furthermore, if you miss out on obtaining this Sevens NFT in Season 1, you should be aware that due to increased demand, obtaining them in the following season would be considerably more difficult.

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