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A Lamborghini was smashed by an artist. Now, They’re Selling the Pieces as NFTs.

“When Lambo,” as a phrase in the crypto world has come to mean over time. It appears to be related to a 2014 incident in which a cryptocurrency trader used money earned from Bitcoin speculation to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo. Members of the crypto community now use the phrase “when Lambo” to ask, sarcastically, “when will the rest of us get rich?”

Shl0ms is a well-known NFT artist who believes that the question should be retired because it represents all that is wrong with crypto. In an interview with nft today, Shl0ms said, “Call me a curmudgeon, but I see the ‘when Lambo’ meme as expressing the short-sighted perspective of crypto simply as a vehicle of self-enrichment.” “I’m afraid that if this attitude continues, it will drive this industry down a dark path, preventing us from properly exploring the many positive-sum items we can produce,” they added.

Instead of “when Lambo,” Shl0ms claims that “where Lambo” is a somewhat better question. What is the solution? Everything is all over the place.

As part of their upcoming NFT drop, which is appropriately titled “$CAR,” the pseudonymous artist has blown up a Lamborghini Huracan, which costs $250,000.

Making a Lamborghini into a work of art

Shl0ms claims that they have achieved meaningful creation through destruction. How?

The car’s 999 fragments were methodically sorted, documented, and videotaped in rotating movies. Following that, the videos were turned into NFT art pieces. Shl0ms claims that they are both making beautiful art and delivering a scorching critique of the zero-sum, extractive activity pervasive in crypto groups and industries by destroying the stereotypical object of desire of many within the crypto sector and turn it into art.

In this regard, Shl0ms points out that the project’s goal is to, first, compel individuals to reconsider their focus on financial gain, and, second, to encourage people to refocus on using blockchain technology for society benefit rather than personal gain.

“I believe the greatest way to persuade sceptics of [NFT] technology’s revolutionary potential is to show them compelling, obvious examples of it being used for non-financial aims.” “In that perspective, art is an enormously powerful tool,” Shl0ms added. “I believe bad-faith attacks on NFTs are at an all-time high, and another hope is that we can all find more effective ways of engaging detractors while showcasing the potential for good,” they continued.

However, it should be noted that Shl0ms is a well-known artist in the NFT community. As a result, each NFT is anticipated to bring in between between 0.5 and 1 Ether. That means the profits might range from $1.12 million to $2.24 million, which is a sizable sum.

Furthermore, the artist has previously made over $500,000 with their $FNTN collection and has multiple additional collections that have made tens of thousands of dollars.

The money could, on the other hand, be used for something helpful.

OBELISK, Shl0ms’ newly founded, esoteric art organisation, is tied to $CAR. Although the organization’s goal has yet to be revealed, Shl0ms says they hope it will serve as a “strikingly positive example” to others outside of crypto and NFTs.

In any case, this inventive new drop highlights Shl0ms’ dualism. While the anonymous artist can come across as a bit of a jerk on social media (to put it kindly), they are undeniably unique and inventive. Shl0ms’ $CAR collection reflects the artist’s past attempts towards fractionalization and democratisation of NFT collections, with the goal of pushing limits and challenging notions of what constitutes art.

“The reason for my earlier drop, $FNTN, was identical. I don’t believe in producing numerous editions of NFTs, thus it was a method for Shl0ms to produce a higher number of 1/1s,” he tells nft now.

The $CAR collection will be available for purchase on the artist’s official website on February 25. There will be a total of 888 $CAR NFTs available via a ranked auction mechanism for the initial launch, with the remaining 111 being held for future usage by the team behind the drop. The auction will run 24 hours, with the top 888 bidders each earning one $CAR.

“Auction mechanisms are a crucial component of NFTs’ ability to create a fresh platform for artistic expression,” says the author. “I haven’t had the resources to truly experiment with game theory or novel auction mechanics, and I’m happy about the chance to do so now,” they added, “even if it was an enormous amount of work and there is surely a danger of confusion when adopting such a unique approach. Visit Shl0ms website to learn more about the upcoming $CAR drop.

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