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Kohei Uchimura, a Japanese gymnast, has retired and released an NFT collection.

To mark his retirement, Japanese gymnastics legend Kohei Uchimura has released an NFT collection. Even after he retires, Uchimura will be able to pursue his goals thanks to the NFTs. Furthermore, the NFTs will serve as a reminder of some of the athlete’s most memorable events and recollections. Dai Tamura, a well-known artist and illustrator, created the first NFT in the collection.

Everything you need to know about Kohei Uchimura and Dai Tamura
The NFT, dubbed ‘Memorial Art of Gymnastics Legend,’ portrays Kohei Uchimura’s landing. Tamura attempted to represent how Uchimura “wowed his audience” with his landings throughout his career in the artwork. The NFT hopes to remind fans of Uchimura’s various accomplishments and awards by immortalising the final moments of his performance.

Furthermore, Tamura has sketched various manoeuvres from Uchimura’s 2014 World Gymnastics Championships performance in the background. This was his fifth championship triumph in a row. Furthermore, the sculpture contains conflicting elements—some are motionless, while others are moving.

“I used to think that gymnastics was only possible until you could complete six apparatus rotations,” Kohei Uchimura said. “However, what really impressed everyone watching, including myself, was the moment when I landed properly from the bar.” “The landing stance and the new moon somersault of the stretching body are the things I’ve been paying attention to and focusing on… I can only express my gratitude to you [Tamura] for transforming my devotion into a work of NFT art.”

On OpenSea, the auction for Kohei Uchimura’s limited edition NFT is presently underway. The starting bid is 12.5 ETH (about $36,000). Additionally, a portion of the earnings will go to “Never Stop Playing Sports,” a non-profit that helps student-athletes.

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