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KINGSHIP, a Bay Area supergroup, has announced NFT passes for IRL music events.

Our favourite BAYC supergroup, KINGSHIP, will be releasing 10,000 KINGSHIP Key Cards soon. Collectors will be able to access their impending virtual world via these access-enabled NFTs. It also allows users to access music, products, experiences, and a token-based community.

Your keys to exclusivity are KINGSHIP Key Cards.

We don’t expect anything less from KINGSHIP, given their affiliation with Universal Music Group’s Web3 label. On the Island, they are now constructing four towers, one for each member of the band. Each of the four KINGSHIP Key Cards grants access to one of the four towers, each with its own set of abilities and attributes.

The lucky few who obtain key cards for all four towers will gain access to the floating villa above the Towers, where the magic happens.

Registration for the allowlist is now accessible to everyone. This registration will close at 4 p.m. UTC on May 12, 2022. A few selected towns in space are given top priority by the initiative. BAYC, MAYC, Doodles, SupDucks, World of Women, The Littles, and Avastars are among them. Each of these initiatives will receive 1,000 spaces on the allowlist, with 1,000 spots reserved for the general public.

The chosen villages will have three hours to mint their KINGSHIP Key Cards ahead of schedule. Participants must follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and have at least 0.19 ETH in their wallets to qualify for a seat.

Meet the crew of the KINGSHIP.

Four crucial KINGSHIP members are currently leading the charge into the metaverse. Celine Joshua, the company’s CEO and creator, is a well-known figure in the music industry who has a history of pioneering new business prospects. She is also the executive vice president of Universal Media Group’s commercial innovation and artist strategy. I believe the project is in capable hands.

Jimmy McNelis is another well-known NFT figure. Jimmy’s experience with Avastars and Nameless has prepared him well for this new endeavour. He has also built a large network that includes Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, and others. Still have doubts? Jimmy was rated one of the top 50 most influential NFT persons by Fortune Magazine, alongside Gary Vee and Beeple.

Another essential part of the crew is Jack Lanza. The apes are brought to life by the creative and animation director. He’s collaborated with Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and a slew of other celebrities. Jack has worked for Disney and Cartoon Network, as well as leading teams in numerous game companies.

All is the manager and in charge of the apes. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her time at the BAYC Clubhouse and is eager to boost the KINGSHIP Key Cards. The multilingual crypto billionaire is already collaborating with the team on several top-secret initiatives. She’s also in charge of the team’s social media, ensuring that the community is always informed.

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