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Invincible Kids is a ten-thousand-dollar NFT collection with a charitable mission at its core.

Invincible Kids could be the NFT project you’ve been waiting for to support a worthy cause. That’s because the proceeds from the sale of this incredible $10,000 collection will be donated to charity!

Invincible Kids is utilising fantastic NFTs to assist disadvantaged children.

The projects that continue to fill the NFT area are undoubtedly a mixed bag, as exciting as it is. That is to say, with a few notable exceptions, NFT values are frequently based on guesswork. Only a few NFTs provide significant utility or resale value, and even those that do only benefit a limited number of individuals.

In comes the Invincible Kids. In a nutshell, the Invincible Kids collection attempts to demonstrate how strong NFT technology can be. It accomplishes this by donating proceeds from both primary and secondary sales to children in need.

As previously stated, the NFT initiative would donate the proceeds from its sale to organisations. Specifically, those that assist in the assistance of vulnerable children all around the world. Not only that, but the proceeds from secondary sales will offer continued support for the Invincible Kids goal.

“We’re tapping into the immense potential of this fascinating science to deliver concrete support,” Jérôme Boé, one of the project’s founders, told NFT Evening. Simply put, all of the funds raised by the collection will benefit the most vulnerable children.”

That so, the NFT project’s humanitarian intentions aren’t the only thing it has going for it. For starters, each NFT is comprised of some wonderful, hand-drawn characteristics! Furthermore, owning an Invincible Kids NFT demonstrates that its holder believes in the team’s purpose. In addition, as part of its roadmap, the team intends to build a DAO. The community will be able to participate in the Invincible Kids’ adventure every step of the way because to this DAO.

Before its April launch, the project is concentrating on community building.

Invincible Kids is still in the early stages of development. The NFT project’s mint will go online in April, according to the developers, who will clarify the date soon.

As a result, the project’s current focus is on community building. This is primarily occurring on Twitter and Discord. Of course, if you like the sound of this initiative and its ambitions, please visit those two platforms and contribute!

Setting money aside for charity has long been seen as one of the most admirable characteristics shared by NFT enterprises. In reality, the mega-hyped project Invisible Friends recently auctioned off a 1-0f-1 from its collection to raise money for charity. The fact that Invincible Kids is completely dedicated to its charity objective, on the other hand, is both unique and admirable. Hopefully, it will pave the way for other projects to follow in the future.

Twitter and Discord are wonderful places to start if you want to learn more about Invincible Kids. You may also go to the website by clicking here!

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