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While many unstable enterprises have been destroyed by the current NFT bear market, those with stronger foundations have continued to expand their communities and businesses. The latter group is where the CyberBrokers NFT initiative belongs. CyberBrokers has established itself as an NFT project to watch thanks to its futuristic, cyberpunk visuals and thoughtful writing.

CyberBrokers NFT: What is it?

10,001 on-chain NFT collectibles make up CyberBrokers. The NFTs give holders access to membership and a variety of experiences in the metaverse in addition to uniting holders in the CyberBrokers community.

Additionally, the lore behind the CyberBrokers NFT collection is substantial. Each of the six classes that make up the CyberBrokers NFTs has a name and a designation. The collection’s backstory, according to the CyberBrokers narrative on its website, is set on a post-apocalyptic version of Earth.

The planet has frozen. stuck in a contemporary ice age. The governments of the world had devised a scheme to save humanity by transferring everyone into the metaverse. “The Paradigm Shift” was the name given to it. There is also a podcast you can listen to for more of the mythology around the CyberBrokers NFTs. The first 10,000 volunteers, prepared to light the way, were known as CyberBrokers.

For those who are unaware, CyberBrokers is unique in that it is one of the few NFT collections that is entirely on-chain. In fact, the majority of NFTs only keep a portion of their data on the blockchain. Specifically, a link to the token metadata and the token ID.

CyberBrokers, in contrast, keeps all of their data on the Ethereum network. This includes both the CyberBrokers metadata and the art’s decompressed and compressed SVG files. In addition, an IPFS cached image of the built CyberBrokers NFTs is kept. CyberBrokers is maintaining the security and decentralised nature of its NFT initiative by being entirely on-chain.

Who was the author of CyberBrokers NFT?

The renowned crypto artist Josie Bellini is the brains of CyberBrokers. Bellini had a career in finance before he left to take part in the crypto revolution. In actuality, Bellini began producing cryptographic art in 2017.

Since she first became a crypto artist, Bellini has racked up some incredible successes. For instance, she has displayed her art at significant gatherings like Consensus and NFT NYC. Additionally, she has sold artwork at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, the two foremost NFT auction houses.

Azamat Khairov, who collaborated with Bellini to develop the CyberBrokers artwork, blockchain engineer Ben Heidorn, and eCommerce guru Christopher Chapman complete the CyberBrokers team.

How to purchase these NFTs for on-chain storytelling

In March of current year, the CyberBrokers NFTs were initially made available for minting. Additionally, they were sold for 0.35 ETH in a totally allow-listed transaction. That means there wasn’t a public auction.

CyberBrokers are currently available for purchase on the secondary market. The floor price for this well-liked NFT collection is presently 1.9 ETH. In terms of secondary trading volume, CyberBrokers has so far received 33.1K ETH.

Since the NFT market’s decline, CyberBrokers’ floor price has fallen from its stratospheric heights, similar to many other ventures. In fact, the collection’s floor price in April reached an all-time high of 5.877 ETH. The project is still in the top 35 collections on OpenSea by floor price, though. This merely serves to highlight the resilience of the community that CyberBrokers has thus far built.

Overall, this incredibly innovative project has a solid basis because of its competent inventor and attention to community development and storytelling. Even if it’s difficult to anticipate which NFT projects will survive the present weak market, CyberBrokers has the correct strategy for doing so.

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