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In the MOBLAND Metaverse, Snoop Dogg Engages in Digital Weed Farming

Snoop Dogg, the enigmatic rapper, is winning at life if merging as many of your favorite pleasures into one beautiful money-making endeavor is the genuine definition of success. To demonstrate this, Mr Dogg’s latest project will merge his passions for weed, NFTs, and video games into one incredible package.

As a result, the toking legend has teamed up with MOBLAND, the world’s leading mafia metaverse. They’ll work together to bring interactive digital cannabis farms to the virtual world and create a new grow-and-earn mechanic for the platform.

NFTs with a Limited Edition
MOBLAND’s enormous cannabis farming possibility will be unveiled through a series of business and land utilities. Providing an opportunity for people tired of the gangster grind to go straight and start a genuine business. As a result, a limited-edition collection of Snoop Dogg weed farm NFTs will kick off the whole thing.

“Be the best hamburger flipper in the world if you’re working at McDonald’s.” Whatever it is that you do, you must master it. For decades, I’ve been honing my trade. My son demonstrated the significance of working with MOBLAND to launch the first-ever digital cannabis farms as NFTs. There is a paradigm shift taking on here, and I want to be on the cutting edge of it.” — Rapper Mr Dogg

Champ Medici, a cryptocurrency investor, will join Snoop on this wild horticultural expedition by launching an as-of-yet-unconfirmed set of exclusive marijuana-themed digital material. Such like these will light the smoking universe fire and blanket the metaverse in a plume of sweet-smelling cannabis smoke.

“I grew up seeing my father play video games. He lives in a world where cannabis and gaming controllers coexist, which is why I believe it’s a no-brainer to combine the metaverse and digital hemp. – Champ Medici – Cryptocurrency Trader

MOBLAND, the World’s No. 1 Mafia Metaverse, is the top metaverse destination for people seeking a guilt-free criminal lifestyle. As a result, gamers will be able to live out their wildest gangster fantasies without leaving a trail of innocent victims in their wake.

Some of the largest names in the business have funded the initiative, including Animoca Brands, Justin Kan, the founder of Twitch, Terra, Do Kwon, and many others. As a result, it has become one of the most popular Web3 metaverse assets.

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