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In Seoul, Korea, the Bored & Hungry NFT Restaurant will open a second location.

The first restaurant with an NFT motif, Bored & Hungry, will launch a second location in Seoul, South Korea. For the global launch, its parent company, Food Fighters Universe, made a contract with Hungry DAO. Like the current location in California, Bored Ape NFTs are likely to be seen throughout the restaurant.

Where will Bored & Hungry’s second NFT location be located?

Bored & Hungry will go abroad this fall thanks to the restaurant NFT organisation Food Fighters Universe (FFU). To the satisfaction of collectors, it will open a second physical location in Seoul, South Korea!

As a result, the design of the store will be influenced by Seoul’s Gangnam neighbourhood. The menu will look similar to that of the current California facility. Collectors will appreciate the distinctive Bored Ape-themed flavours, which range from “Mutant” vegan smashburgers to “Bored” meat smashburgers.

Naturally, customers will only be able to pay in cryptocurrency. The new payment method was developed by Devour. Actually, the business created the technology especially for Bored & Hungry NFT eateries.

Unexpectedly, each FFU NFT holder will receive a complimentary dinner each month. In addition, the team pledged to eventually provide real-world events, airdrops, and further surprises.

What happened to the initial pop-up with a bored ape theme?

As the first NFT restaurant, Bored & Hungry went viral one month ago. The restaurant was initially intended to be a 90-day pop-up shop. However, after drawing more than 1,500 customers in a single day, the location was made permanent. It is now accessible in Long Beach, California.

Every piece of the establishment, from packages to soda cans, included Bored Ape NFTs. Given that the Bored & Hungry Korean site will open in Gangnam, the centre of the K-Pop universe, this ingenious branding plan just might make it a big smash.

As a Korean-American, Kevin Seo, co-founder of FFU, remarked, “I am tremendously pleased and excited that the beginning of our global expansion is going to start where my parents were born.” “At last, my mother is aware of what I do for a living.”

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