In Metaverse Decentraland’s Active Users At An All Time L0w

In Metaverse news, the number of active druggies sharing in the Decentraland metaverse game is at an each-time low. This information comes to us from stats by DappRadar, a well-admired web3 data tracking point. In fact, the stats suggested that the situation is incredibly dire, and shows that the metaverse space is usually unused.
Moment, the DappRadar shadowing stats show that there have been only 42 active druggies in the last 24 hours. still, Decentraland has snappily responded to the rearmost numbers, labeling the numbers as ‘misinformation.’ rathe0072, they offer their own stats and data to back up a advanced number of druggies. So, how numerous people are using Decentraland, and why are Decentraland druggies fading?

Metaverse,Are Decentraland active druggies fading?

The data from DappRadar is mind-blowing, and will clearly raise enterprises in companies looking to invest in the Decentraland metaverse. The metaverse company that combines NFTs, virtual land, and metaverse technology has a estimation of over $1 billion, but if the stats are right, that might change. specially, active druggies are determined as spending in-game using Decentraland’s cryptocurrency, MANA.
sSuggestively, the Decentraland subReddit is also conspicuous quiet, with the hardly any engagement. One post labeling the DappRadar numbers as inaccurate has only gained ten commentary in over a day. Incidently, half of them affirmation the view of the low Decentraland online stoner stats.

Decentraland addresses stoner issues

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