How Unuverse Operates

Throughout 2021, the cryptocurrency markets experienced rapid growth as the industry was dominated by movements like memecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn games, and the metaverse.

Unuverse is aware of how these trends will continue to change the cryptocurrency business and make the world a better place. Our project’s goal is to use the power of blockchain and NFTs to catalyse the conservation of animals.

This page will provide an overview of Unuverse’s operation. Discover our special attributes and NFT collection by reading the information below.

Describe Unuverse.

The 3333 NFTs that make up the community-driven project Unuverse each represent a unique race from the animal kingdom.

The collection, dubbed Unu Ark, is a web 3.0 adaptation of the United Nations Red Catalog, the most thorough and educational list of endangered species in existence. Our NFT collection serves as a vital sign for the world’s biodiversity and is much more than just pictures of animals.

Through a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), where any NFT owner can cast a vote and suggest the funding of new causes or initiatives, the Unuverse will be governed by its community.

The mining power of the $UNU token is linked to an NFT that is owned by or partnered with a particular cause as soon as a vote on UNU DAO is cast. To compile the initial list of 21 cases for the community to vote on, we are actively contacting non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and forming collaborations.

Utility of NFTs

Participation in our DAO, which serves as both an investment vehicle and a provider of recreational facilities and unique access to the metaverse, is available through our collection of noteworthy NFTs.

Popular metaverse platforms like Sandbox and Wilder World will incorporate the most well-liked NFTs as playable avatars, collectibles, or companions. Each NFT has a unique intrinsic component as well as a collection of “Super Values” that may be found in the form of characteristics related to the animal that make it more or less rare as well as metadata on the size of that particular species’ population. There will also be special editions of well-known creatures that have additional uses in the Unuverse ecosystem.

Exploration of the Unuverse is possible.

There is no better place to start than in the Unuverse given that the web 3.0 economy is still in its infancy. Securing your first exclusive Animal Kingdom NFT will help preserve our planet’s biodiversity and provide you a possession that will endure in the metaverse forever.

About Unuverse

Unuverse is a 3,333 NFT collection with an animal theme that is community-driven.

The complete collection serves as a decentralised database for endangered species, comparable to the United Nations Red List, and each NFT represents a distinct race from the animal kingdom.

Users can vote to fund a variety of programmes that promote biodiversity and the preservation of endangered species by holding the native token, $UNU, or one of the NFT animals.

Visit our official website or follow us on social media to become a member of our rapidly expanding community (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord).

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