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How can I invest in NFTs?

Whether you’re in camp Vaynerchuck or Farrington, one thing is obvious: NFTs became wildly popular. it’s doubtless we’ll still hear about NFTs as another investment for quite it slow (however unclear future profitability may be).

If you’re inquisitive about investing in NFTs, new platforms like Foundation are the place to start out.

Foundation bills itself as a virtual exchange for trading limited-edition digital goods. Everyday investors like yourself can buy NFTs in their marketplace so resell or trade them as they appreciate. Foundation charges 3% on all purchases and sales of NFTs (split 50/50 with the NFT’s creator).

Rarible is another NFT marketplace worth looking into that operates in only the identical way as Foundation. However, the platform also offers the flexibility to mint your own NFTs. Rarible charges 2.5% on all purchases and sales of NFTs in their marketplace.

Finally, if you’d rather keep on with tangible assets, peruse our first-of-its-kind alternative investment programme. It’s here you’ll find thousands of live offers, including sports cards, vintage cars, sneakers, luxury handbags, art, and more. Both fractional and whole asset options are available.

As always: Happy investing!

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