Here’s why AI-enabled NFTs could be the real deal when it comes to accessing the Metaverse.

NFIs may be the next step for NFTs, and ASM’s Artificial Intelligence Football Association may be the next big thing in P2E gaming.

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have primarily been obtained as proof-of-profile photos (PFPs) that symbolise a brand, encapsulate culture, or, in the end, serve as a static status symbol. Blue-chip NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club or Cool Cats were not originally backed by any concrete usefulness other than speculative value and hoopla, as well as the promise of an illustrative roadmap, but investors are expecting for a little bit “more” in 2022.

Nonfungible tokens, on the other hand, are discovering new uses beyond branding and status symbols by aiming to establish a presence in the Metaverse, and some are bold enough to start there.

Nonfungible intelligence, or NFI, is a new notion brought to NFTs by the Altered State Machine (ASM) Artificial Intelligence Football Association (AIFA). The ASM AIFA has attracted the interest of investors who are thinking long-term about the future of the Metaverse and decentralised play-to-earn (P2E) economies by tokenizing artificial intelligence.

The ASM AIFA has the potential to be a profitable long-term bet by combining AI features to the three rising areas of gaming, decentralised finance (DeFi), and new financial technologies (NFTs).

These are the tactics I’ve explored as an investor when considering the ASM AIFA, while also taking into account the impending tokenomics that will be integrated into the budding blockchain P2E game.

Buying genesis boxes will keep you on the straight and narrow.

The ASM AIFA genesis box collection is a kind of startup booster pack for the ASM AIFA ecosystem. Four ASM AI agents or all-stars are included in each box, as well as an ASM brain, which is the intelligence that drives each ASM all-star.

The box is a profitable gamble for individuals who have long-term convictions in the ASTO economy and its decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), but more importantly, the Metaverse as a whole. It is now priced at 5.369 Ether (ETH) ($16,768.84).

The genesis box is fundamentally outfitted as an ASTO generating set-up, as the ASM AIFA seeks to reward early adopters and players through its play-and-earn approach.

Each brain will be able to mine ASTO, and each all-star will be able to generate ASTO through training, according to the ASM AIFA whitepaper. ASTO is not just the utility token of the Altered State Machine metaverse, but it is also the ASM ecosystem’s governance token.

Furthermore, the ASM AIFA collection is not the only place where these minds may be found. They’ll be used in other significant NFT projects, such as FLUFF World NFT, to make it compatible.

To train the AI all-stars and develop new AI agents, ASTO tokens are required. Because its ASM brain is dependent on learned memories, AI agents don’t have to be constrained to playing soccer in-game.

The project began on Oct. 18, 2021, and since then, ASM AIFA genesis boxes have gained by about 1,200 percent on the secondary market, indicating that there is significant demand and that owners appreciate the potential of AI.

The average sale price of genesis boxes has dropped from 6.3 ETH to 5.3 ETH in the last seven days. Even with a little correction, it appears that the genesis boxes have not fallen below 4.75 ETH in the recent month.

The floor for the ASM all-stars presently costs 0.21 Ether ($654.37) with a team of four, totaling around $2,617.48, based on the price points of the things in the genesis box. The cheapest ASM brain costs 3.92 Ether ($12,214.96), putting the total cost of the contents in the box to almost $14,832.44 Ether (4.77 Ether).

Essentially, buying a Genesis box costs about the same as buying the products separately at at current pricing. However, both the ASM brains and all-stars have previously undergone price variations, making purchasing the box a more cost-effective option than purchasing the goods separately.

Other methods of owning a portion of the ASM metaverse could be used depending on an investor’s motivations and approach.

ASTO will be mined by Genesis brains as well.

The architecture of the ASM AIFA genesis brain is currently under patent pending, and owners will have full rights to the machine-learning (ML) model of their NFI. ASM AIFA genesis brains are unique artificial intelligence-equipped NFTs, and the architecture of the brain is currently under patent pending.

This adds another layer of utility to the ASM economy, and it’s worth noting that the ASM brains don’t always require a form (avatar) and can live and function using only the parameters of its taught memories.

The ASM brain, which can also mine ASTO tokens, is the most expensive element of the collection. As a result of the brain’s token emission, an investor may be able to recoup their initial capital investment. The cheapest ASM brain currently costs 3.92 Ether ($12,214.96), representing a 300 percent rise in floor prices over the previous 60 days.

The significance of ASM brains is largely due to their genome matrix, which has properties that allow the brain to be integrated into worlds outside of the ASM ecosystem. In other words, the brain may be used in different ecosystems.

Each ASM genesis brain will receive an ASTO token drop, according to the ASM roadmap. Investors interested in AI exposure may want to explore acquiring ASTO as a more cost-effective bet.

Is it enough to just stack ASTO?

There’s no disputing that the ASM AIFA project isn’t the cheapest way to get into the ecosystem, but for those investors who are particularly interested in the evolving characteristics of NFIs, the token or the AI all-star agents are viable options.

The ASM ecosystem will be governed by ASTO, which is the local currency. Because GPU cloud computing is required to train the ASM brain and any AI agent, a market of gym owners will emerge to provide GPU cloud computing for any ML model. Gym owners will be compensated in ASTO in exchange for their time and effort.

When the ASTO token is live, the ASM team will hold a “discovery auction” to decide the price of ASTO. ASTO will also be dropped to ASM all-stars’ owners, and ASTO can be staked to mine the ecosystem’s next generation of brains. The ASTO token may be useful to stockpile in advance of AIFA’s introduction.

Projects are starting to grow from the inside out as NFTs find ways to justify their value outside of speculation and the ways they can be integrated in the Metaverse expand. When more projects begin to integrate AI elements, only time will tell, but ASM AIFA appears to be a front-runner as one of the first.

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