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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Fan-Controlled Football NFTs

Have you ever fantasised of managing a professional football team? Or do you want to call the plays in a football game? Owning a piece of Fan Controlled Football (FCF) NFTs now allows you to do so.

The line, dubbed the Ballerz Collective NFTs, launched in February of this year. There are a total of four collections, each of which has 8,888 NFT avatars. You get to manage one of the four FCF football teams if you own a Baller. Aside from that, holders can take advantage of the NFT’s IRL and gaming features.

NFTs are embraced by Fan Controlled Football.
Fan Controlled Football, as the name implies, allows spectators to make critical decisions and collectively call plays in real-time football games. In reality, the FCF is home to professional sports leagues led by stars like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman from the NFL.

According to FCF, NFT holders will have ownership of one of the four Ballerz Collective NFT teams for the second season, which begins on April 16. These are the four teams:

1. The Gang of Gutter Cats (Kingpins)
2. The Yacht Club of the Bored Ape (Bored Ape FC)
3. Degen’s Knights
4. Team 8OKI

The best thing is that each club is led by well-known innovators who are also NFL stars. The Gutter Cat Gang, for example, is led by former NFL legend Jamal Anderson and King BlackBored. Then there’s Team 8OKI, which is commanded by none other than Steve Aoki himself, as well as 888, the iconic founder of 888 Inner Circle. Bored Ape FC is sold out as of this writing. The other three teams, on the other hand, have a limited number of slots available.

Finally, some thoughts

More utilities will emerge as NFT technology matures. One of these, as proven by Fan Controlled Football, is creating user-controlled content. FCF isn’t the only one who thinks this way. Previously, Fireside and Angry Lunch debuted an NFT TV show that allows viewers to participate in the creation process. We anticipate that, with Fan Controlled Football as the pioneer, many sports and entertainment platforms will follow suit.

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