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Have NFTs Gone Mainstream?

NFTs, if not yet mainstream, are definitely entering the general public eye to a big degree.
Davidson’s Saturday Night Live skit is a wonderful example of this. The episode drew in 1.51M viewers across the US and blatantly spelled out the definition of an NFT.

SNL’s entire MO is to require widely popular news and trends, and flip it on its head for laughs. the sole reason a sketch about NFTs made it onto our television screens is because the writers deemed the digital assets well-known enough for the bulk of their viewers to be in on the joke.

Beyond television, NFTs have also been shooting up across every major social media platform. If you follow an artist, musician, or GIF creator, you’ve likely noticed them peddling their NFTs on your newsfeed. Heck, you’ve probably noticed your friends, family and coworkers attempting to bum their own gag NFTs by now.

Google Trends paints a good clearer picture of how quickly NFTs have gained popularity. the subsequent chart shows that NFTs were virtually unsearched until 2021. Within weeks of the New Year, web searches soared, reaching peak-popularity by early March.


Searches have since sizzled to approximately 50% of said peak, however, the numbers remain strong and will recuperate should the alt investment class garner more media attention and/or still land in our newsfeeds.

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