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HALO Virtual Human NFTs – Extend Your Metaverse Presence

HALO is an NFT initiative that recognizes the importance of interoperability between the digital and physical worlds in today’s society, especially with the rise of Web3. Instead of creating, the project allows users to engage across several platforms and control virtual persons on video platforms to live stream or attend video meetings, drawing influence from media platforms such as Instagram and Zoom.

The project is based on a network of individual 3D avatar NFTs, each of which is the result of a community of 3D artists’ conceptions. The HALO metaverse and all of its interoperability will be designed on expanding the holistic utility of these NFT avatars over the course of the project’s roadmap.

Virtual Human NFTs in HALO

Virtual Human NFTs, which can be virtual duplicates or alter egos of the user, will be able to exist within HALO (or perhaps a mix of both). Each identity goes beyond being a static image thanks to its highly detailed 3D style based on attributes like the head, ear, face, neck, arm, clothing, cosmetics, and hair. With super realistic facial clues and bodily mannerisms at their command, they can freely roam and express themselves across the metaverse.

Users can easily manage their data and avatar identity in both wallets and dApps using an underlying data credential module, and each HALO Virtual Human NFT acts as a unique visual identification credential with high interoperability and commercial value across different dApps that support EVM compatible smart contracts.


HALO Events will be the first metaverse event to introduce Virtual Human NFTs, with five shows totaling 1,000 NFTs to be distributed. Before the actual world makes its imprint by voting on who should be crowned as the top participants in the performances, the shows will serve as the original competition of virtual humans as they participate in creative, operational, and management activities.

Top participants will sign a contract with HALO, which will provide them with lucrative business opportunities throughout the ecosystem, such as monetized endorsements, blockchain authentic rights, and auxiliary trademark copyrights, through their top performing Virtual Human NFT.

Each episode will have a unique idea, with the first focusing on female empowerment and honoring the strongest female characters.


The HALO team has established a five-part strategy with the ultimate goal of expanding its platform into all aspects of media, fashion, work, entertainment, and life.

The first stage, which included the origins of the project and its protocol, NFT 3D modeling, community expansion, and the introduction of the website, has already begun.

The first of the five HALO SHOWS will take place at Stage 2. Following that, voting, engagement, and community activity dynamics will be introduced, as well as a feature that will allow users to create co-branded posters with other projects autonomously.

In Stage 3, a HALO retail store will open, selling clothing, jewelry, music, dolls, and more in collaboration with leading brands, as well as the second installment of NFTs via the second HALO SHOW. More work will be done here, using a DAO governance framework, to squeeze out every last drop of economic value for its virtual human users.

In Stage 4, the third HALO SHOW will take place, along with an online metaverse 3D artwork exhibition and concert, as well as an interactive session with prominent celebrities, including joint endorsement and other business activities.

The project’s current roadmap’s final stage will see HALO officially enter the metaverse, with its Virtual Human NFTs appearing in places like Decentraland, NFT Worlds, The Sandbox, and others.

In addition, richer HALO content centered on VR technology, enhanced gameplay, role playing, and the production of a completely 3D metaverse aesthetic will be introduced in Stage 5. Around this time, the fourth and fifth HALO SHOWS will take held, each followed by a period of DAO governance to better grasp the commercial worth of its Virtual Human NFTs.


The project’s decentralized artist community includes a diverse and international group of 3D artists from India, Russia, Jordan, and France. The crew has worked for movie studios such as Disney, newspapers, video game developers, sculptors, digital artists, and other NFT initiatives.

Make sure to attend the upcoming AMA session on Twitter Spaces to speak with the project’s 3D artists. They’ll talk about HALO NFTs, 3D art, and other related topics, and whitelist places will be distributed at random to the crowd.

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