Greetings from the Unuverse!

Unuverse is poised to accomplish great things right in front of our eyes with a vision to create a completely new world out of ruins. So it’s wise that we plunge in and learn more about the Unuverse.

What exactly is the Unuverse?

It began with a concept, most likely from the past, present, or future. It is important to pose pertinent questions, such as: Can altering the future alter the “now”? Consider whether emerging technologies and new methods of organising intellect might be so transformative that they could help us choose a better path.

We are indeed all one in reality. Both I and you are one. No matter where you are—in Australia, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, or Antarctica—you can still participate. We are all interconnected and affect one another in some way. The goal is to unite like-minded individuals and support them as they use Web3 to create in order to stand up for what is valuable and should be represented.

The craziest, most unusual, and most priceless species ever known are represented by UNU. Each UNU Animal NFT is unique and may contain up to 3 components (POWER VALUES). However, as a group they form ONE community. You have access to the UNU DAO as a holder of the NFT, which has several advantages for both you and the rest of the world.

As a member of UNU, you have a voice in the most important initiatives that help to transform the earth and its harmony with environment, such as the UNU ISLAND, water projects, and forestry efforts. It contains everything that is best, like fish with bright colours, mussels that filter water, and the cutest sky singers. They all speak for you. Your NFT will continue to be a member of a decentralised social impact investing guild and generate income for you. Call it Karma; you get to share these spirits with the neighbourhood.

A completely new, braver world is rising from the wreckage. Everything began to spiral out of control as things moved too swiftly and far without anyone realising it until it was too late. There are so many blatant lies, inequities, calamities, and transactional nationalism, all of which are done to protect a select few.

Official UNU Channels

Website , Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium

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This article is just for educational purposes.

Make your own exploration before making any form of investment, as always.

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