Greatest Metaverses Unite with the launch of Open Metaverse Alliance For Web3 (OMA3)

Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 (OMA3) has been launched collaboratively by several prominent blockchain-grounded companies and some big metaverse platforms. Most of the companies include ‘The Sandbox’, ‘Decentraland’, ‘Animoca Brands’ and ‘Upland’. To summarise, the thing of the organisation is to steer the evolution of the metaverse in a direction that aligns with some of the core principles of Web3.

About OMA3

The Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 (OMA3) has been now created to avoid the negatives from web2 making their way into web3 and the metaverse. The organisation believes in “a metaverse without restraining walls, where some individual platforms are interconnected and completely interoperable”. Contrastingly, some others believe that the metaverse should be closed out, with walled gardens. This extreme volition is comparable to the current status of web2, which is what OMA3 is trying to avoid.

OMA3 is completely set to be structured as a DAO that operates like a consortium. The members of this group include some of the biggest names in web3 at present time. For those who share the beliefs of OMA3, this is clearly a positive. With all of these brands coming together, it becomes more likely that the great future of web3 looks as they believe: decentralization and togetherness at the same time.
Their crucial principles are interoperability, standardization, and ownership. Some of the projects that they are working on include cross-platform norms. As well as this, transferrable metaverse identities, and portals between worlds, to name many.

Some of the Companies involved

The group is made up of the biggest companies presently operating in the web3 space.

For a complete list of the companies involved, and an idea of what OMA3 is trying to do, you can visit their website. They are also trying to bring on further associations that share the same pretensions and mindset. Because of this, they have a ‘Join the Community’ contact form.

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