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Gatorade Makes Its Way Into The Metaverse, With Plans To Create Virtual Beverages

As a result, a long day in the Sandbox metaverse might be taxing. While showing your friends around your new digital palace can be entertaining, it can also make you thirsty as you flail your arms around the room. Gatorade appears to be the digital fuel as the planet sinks deeper into the metaverse’s black hole, based on its latest trademark applications for “virtual beverage goods.”

What is Gatorade up to these days?
According to documents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Stokely-Van Camp filed two trademark applications on April 27th for the phrase Gatorade and the sports drink’s “G”-shaped emblem to be used in virtual beverage items and NFTs. However, for the time being, this new filing only serves as a hint as to Van Camp’s future plans with the Gatorade brand. Gatorades’ Web3 entrance is simply a matter of time as other large companies make their metaverse advances.

There are currently no specific dates for when the agency will assess Van Camp’s applications. Web3 enthusiasts are apprehensive as major companies enter the metaverse. The Web3 boom, dubbed the “new age gold rush,” gave birth to a slew of well-known innovators. Fear permeates the air as our Web3 world becomes what we sought to avoid as franchise brands make their way into the metaverse.

Is the Virtual Beverage Going to Last?

Gatorade, which is now owned by PepsiCo, has had a banner year, with sales in the United States totaling $2.6 billion in 2021. Not to mention having a 45 percent share of the global sports drink market. So, as Gatorade prepares to bring its product to the virtual shelves, one can only speculate as to what this behemoth has planned. However, the trademark review procedure can take up to six months, so don’t hold your breath for your virtual quenchers any time soon.

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