Gateway for cryptocurrencies has a long history of success.

A good reputation is worth less than gold in a crowded decentralised exchange market.

There are plenty of bitcoin exchanges available nowadays. Although having a choice is advantageous, it can be crippling for many investors. After all, while a good platform might help you expand your investing portfolio, the converse is also true: a poorly set up exchange can cost you money in terms of missed opportunities and, more directly, frauds. As a result, one of the most telling signs of a good exchange is their reputation.

Although marketing talk may paint a picture of an exchange’s industrial success, secure features, and diversified products, users must keep in mind that deeds speak louder than words. “Would I trust a platform with one year of experience in the market over one with over a decade of managing secure transactions and adjusting to end-user input and industry trends?” prospective investors should ask themselves. The solution is straightforward. is one of the world’s oldest secure exchanges, having been founded in 2013. Trading the industry’s top digital assets, decentralised financing (DeFi), research, wallet services, venture capital investing, and analytics are just a few of the services offered by the platform. presently has over 10 million users worldwide as a result of its extensive and expanding ecosystem. Forbes Advisor has now given the platform a 4.5 rating, making it one of the highest-rated exchanges in 2021.

With almost nine years of experience under its belt, looks back on some of its biggest achievements as part of its anniversary celebration, which will begin in mid-May. is planning a huge overhaul to give back to their community in addition to a series of celebrations.

A glance back in time

Since its official launch in April 2013, the platform has changed dramatically, with the first big transformation taking place on March 2, 2020.’s GT, the Gatechain mainnet’s native token, was upgraded to a platform token on this date. GT was then known for its use in VIP tier escalation, trading fee debits, and access to special activities, marking the beginning of the token’s applications and intrinsic value rise. became the first mainstream trading platform to offer 100 percent margin audit certification later that year. The announcement reassured existing users that their funds were safe, as evidenced by open-source and public blockchain signatures and Merckel trees.

With a safe base for asset exchanges on one hand, expanded its verticals in January 2020 by launching an application channel for quality blockchain projects.

The mainnet of the smart contract Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) went operational in the following year, accepting new projects. The mainnet, which boasted a safe architecture, cheap fees, and great performance, was launched with the hope that everyone would be able to build highly secure decentralised apps in the near future (DApps). With solid foundations in place, announced the start of their DeFi Ecosystem and Labs Incubator Program, in which Labs will invest $50 million in cryptocurrencies to assist the development of high-quality projects.

There was a market trend towards nonfungible tokens after the rise of DApps (NFTs). Naturally, on its eighth anniversary, responded by releasing the NFT Magic Box, which was billed as the world’s first centralised trading platform. also launched Gate Ventures, an early-stage crypto venture capital fund, a few months later to continue assisting early-stage enterprises. As of January 2022, the site had surpassed 10 million users as a result of these new advancements.

Safety and security come first.

Throughout the platform’s nine years of growth, the team has credited its mainstream success to a focus on safety and security, thorough knowledge of the crypto market, and the construction of a robust ecosystem.

With a long list of services under its belt, the platform has developed a solid reputation that often predates its vast service offerings, attracting new users and keeping existing ones.

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