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FTX teases potential Ethereum ‘blue-chip’ NFT listings on native marketplace

The’mystery’ projects were recognised seconds after the tweet was sent, causing a flurry of excitement. FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, teased its fans with a cryptic tweet suggesting future listings on its native NFT marketplace for leading Ethereum-based NFTs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, CryptoPunks, and Cool Cats are among the teased collections, which are supposed to be the leading ‘blue-chip’ collections among the thousands of projects already residing on Ethereum.

Due to their varied visual charms, access to Discord communities, and the status that comes with having one, the four collections are now the most popular ‘PFP’ (profile picture) NFTs available on the market.

Creators and owners of NFTs will be able to trade them cross-chain using Ethereum and Solana, thanks to FTX’s native marketplace, which was announced in September.

It has now sparked excitement since it presents the option of trading OpenSea’s leading collections without paying large gas fees or incurring additional charges by utilising the lower-cost Solana blockchain.

Support for major Solana-based NFTs has also been hinted at in the past, with many in the field expecting the marketplace to challenge OpenSea, which has recently experienced troubles and is witnessing diminishing volume as NFTs cool down.

The Coinbase NFT marketplace, which includes Web3 connectors and a variety of prominent NFT projects, is also expected to provide a significant challenge to OpenSea’s marketplace supremacy.

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