Forget Pokémon: Here’s Why NFT Trading Cards Will Survive.

Trading cards have been popular for a long time. From rare Pokémon cards to antique sports cards, collectors have paid thousands of dollars in the past to acquire these valued belongings. Consider real binders with sleeves stuffed with valuable and rare cards of all shapes and sizes. These cards are now ruling the digital sphere as NFT trade cards, thanks to the advent of blockchain technology.

What exactly are NFT trading cards, and why do they have such a high demand?

Simply said, NFT trade cards are blockchain-based digital trading cards. Blockchain technology, like all NFTs, allows these trading cards to be one-of-a-kind. More significantly, anyone can readily check the authenticity and ownership of the cards owing to technology. This is especially essential because, much like with traditional trading cards, scarcity is a key factor in establishing the value of a digital card. Furthermore, no one can delete or alter the data recorded on the blockchain, maintaining the security of the cards.

NFT trade cards can also be a digital depiction of real-life trading cards. Consider them to be digital proofs of ownership and authenticity. The NFT will continue to exist even if you lose or damage your physical card. After all, the value of a real card is primarily determined by its immaculate condition—if it’s damaged, you’re unlikely to collect much money from a sale. NFTs, on the other hand, eliminate this problem, allowing you to effortlessly collect, sell, and trade these cards. You may even proudly show them in your online galleries!

Unsurprisingly, as NFTs become more popular, a growing number of people are switching to NFT trading cards. These digital artefacts have turned into a profitable investment for many. Some NBA Top Shot digital cards have even gone for more than $300,000! Aside from the exclusivity features, certain NFT trade cards also provide benefits such as playing in blockchain and NFT games, exclusive access to sports tournaments, meet and greets with sports celebrities, and more.

The best NFT trading cards to buy

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular NFT trading cards now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about them. There are many of options, ranging from simple digital collectibles to trading card games.

Top Shot in the NBA

NBA Top Shot is the market leader in sports NFT trading cards. NBA Top Shot was founded in 2019 by Dapper Labs in conjunction with the NBA and the NBA Players Association to assist bring NFTs to sports fans all around the world. NBA Top Shot is essentially a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and exchange NBA “moments.” These are the most memorable moments from numerous basketball games, and they come in a variety of rarities. The NFTs are sold in packs, just like traditional trading cards—you buy a pack, open it, and only then will you know which highlight you received.

NBA Top Shot is now the seventh most popular NFT collection in terms of trade volume, thanks to its popularity. According to DappRadar, these NFTs have already sold for nearly $875 million. Aside from that, a single NFT will set you back $56.41. Nonetheless, several of the most valuable NFTs have sold for more than $200,000.

Unchained Gods

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular NFT trading card games available. Essentially, the game allows you to purchase, construct, and sell NFT cards. You can build your own deck based on the different abilities of each card—attacking, supporting, disruptive, or defending. The created cards can then be used to battle other players in the game. The stronger your deck, the more likely you are to win the game against your opponent.

Flux, the in-game money, is awarded to winners of the Gauntlet of the Gods game mode in Gods Unchained. Flux can be used to enhance your cards, resulting in larger rewards. Participating in weekly tournaments can also earn you rewards. In addition, the game provides a governance token, $GODS, which can be used to carry out various transactions as well as gain voting power in the game.

Cards with a Curio

Curio Cards, widely regarded as the first-ever NFT art collection, consists of numerous sets of 30 NFT trade cards. The cards in the series comprise artworks from seven different artists and were first released in May 2017 as an online art gallery. While they were originally priced between $0.50 and $1 per card, several have already sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Indeed, Christie’s auctioned one entire set for 393 ETH (about $1,267,320 at the time).

Curio Cards, as one of the first NFT trade cards, are not only rare but also incredibly valuable. While 29,700 cards were first printed, approximately 4,000 have been lost or destroyed. As a result, each series has a limited supply of 111 to 2,000 cards.

Rare Pepe is one of the original NFT trading cards.

Rare Pepe NFT trading cards are another of the industry’s pioneering digital cards. In fact, these are regarded to be one of the first NFTs ever produced! In September 2016, the first Rare Pepe NFTs were released on the Counterparty blockchain, based on the Pepe the Frog meme. Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of Bitcoin, is honoured on these Series 1 cards. With only 300 cards in all, this series is one of the rarest Pepes in history, and some of these have sold for a lot of money. A Series 1 Rare Pepe Nakamoto Card sold for $500,000 in November of last year. Overall, the Pepes collection consists of 36 series, each with its own set of supplies and amounts.


If you’re a football enthusiast, Sorare is the place to be! Essentially, it’s a fantasy football game in which you use NFT trading cards to sell, trade, and manage a virtual football team. You can form a five-player team out of cards of various rarities and battle against other teams. The teams are ranked based on the real-life rankings of the players, just like in other fantasy games.

Sorare has licenced 215 football clubs to date, including FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain FC, Real Madrid CF, Japanese League, and Atlético Mineiro. NFTs can also be traded on secondary markets such as OpenSea. Lionel Messi’s first trading card was sold for $11,000 on the marketplace.

In the end, the rarity of NFT trade cards determines their value. These, like all NFTs, come significant market risks. As a result, prior to making any investments, you must conduct your own investigation.

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