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For the first time ever, the Doodles NFT collection reaches a 6.6 ETH floor price.

The price of the Doodles NFT collection is continuing to grow. As 2021 comes to a close, the floor price is 6.6 ETH. The NFT initiative, which is still relatively new, has had a fantastic few months. The rise of Doodles isn’t surprising, to be honest.

The first Doodles appeared in September, revealing imagery from their upcoming collection. It gained popularity almost immediately. Burnt Toast’s artwork is highly distinctive, and there was a rush to learn more about it.


As a result, to avoid gas battles at the NFT mint, Doodles had to close their Discord.

The public mint took held on October 18th, with each Doodle NFT costing 0.123 ETH. However, due to the hurry to purchase one of the 10,000 NFTs, it didn’t last long.

Doodles NFT was quickly sold out. In fact, I attempted to purchase one myself, but the total cost, including gas, was well over $9000. This year, Doodles were one of the most popular mints. Doodles has also enjoyed a lot of success in the secondary market. Many Doodles have sold for extremely high prices. Several sales of over $250,000 have occurred in the previous three days alone.


The Doodles NFT are mostly community-based, in addition to having a distinct artistic style.
It will be interesting to see how the project develops when the floor price rises.

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