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For his residency with Big Night Talent, Dillon Francis receives a bored ape NFT.

After the well-known DJ Dillon Francis appeared and teased more music in the future, bored Apes are running low at the Bored Ape Yacht Club!

Two days ago, DJ Dillon Francis slipped into the BAYC and snatched Bored Ape #378. The Bored Ape #378 is a seven-trait DMT fur primate who wears a tuxedo tee and an Irish boho hat. Based on these qualities, Rarity Tools ranks Bored Ape #378 as the 1391st most rare ape.

DJ Dillon Francis has huge ambitions for his new BAYC acquisition.

Francis agreed to an exclusive residence with Big Night this week in exchange for an NFT from the BAYC collection. Francis, in particular, obtained BAYC #378, as previously stated. ESCAPPLAN, a Web3 electronic duo, will collaborate on an album as part of the deal. ETHan (#4321) and zeETH (#309), two Bored Apes, are featured in this agreement.

Clearly, in the age of NFTs, the agreement signals a substantial shift in how music deals are made and concluded. Although the NFT is only a part of the remuneration Francis would receive in exchange for his work with Big Night, it is a significant part of it.

Francis’ teaser video ends with his ape entering a music studio, which is interesting. BAYC members Ethanbayc and Zeethbayc also appear in the video.

The transaction was significant, according to Big Night Talent, which oversees the ESCAPPLAN act, because it contributed in the formation of new, unique talent brands in Web3. “Having Dillon on-board to work with ESCAPPLAN is a major step in driving the project ahead,” stated Tim Bonito, Managing Partner of Big Night Talent. In addition to destroying musical norms and the NFT landscape.”

In other news, the Bored Ape Yacht Club in Miami is rumoured to be planning something. Tai Lopez, a motivational speaker, is also giving early NFT collectors the chance to win a bored ape.

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