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Floyd Mayweather has launched his own NFT and Metaverse, dubbed “Mayweverse.”

Floyd Mayweather, the boxing legend, is returning to the NFT realm to establish the ‘Mayweverse’ metaverse and NFT brand. Although no official release date has been set, the project’s details have been made public.

There are 5,000 Mayweverse NFTs in all. There are five different NFT cards in this set, each containing 1000 NFTs and varying rarity, utility, and awards.

The NFTs will be in the shape of Mayweather, and there are rumours about the prizes up for grabs. A boxing gym is said to exist in the metaverse. Perhaps a boxing lesson with the man himself is included in the Mayweverse NFT prize.

Floyd Mayweather’s latest NFT endeavour is Mayweverse.
Floyd’s latest attempt to make his mark on the NFT arena follows the debut of Floyd’s World and the promotion of numerous other NFT collections.

“Floyd Mayweather is feverishly removing proof of his recent NFT scam,” one Twitter user, @Coffeezilla, said. ‘The investors are roasting him,’ says the narrator. Furthermore, it appears that this viewpoint is shared by many in the NFT community. To make the Mayweverse a success, Floyd will have to disprove these critics.

Prior to Mayweverse, Floyd Mayweather had a tumultuous connection with Crypto. Mayweather previously endorsed Centra Tech, a high-profile cryptocurrency scam. In 2018, this scheme duped investors out of nearly $25 million. For advertising the project, Mayweather and DJ Khaled had to pay hefty fines.

It is important to emphasise, however, that there was no evidence that the couple was aware of the hoax. More information about the Mayweverse NFT collection will be released soon.

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