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Finally, the RTFKT MNLTH NFT Collection Is Ready To Be Revealed

The MNLTH NFT revelation is finally here, after an amazing amount of teasers and conspiracy theories within the RTFKT community. The MNLTH Opening Sequence has been revised, and the first challenge of the ultimate quest was posted earlier today. As they prepare for the impending task, the group relaxes once more.

The locals have been dying to find out what’s inside. The RTFKT team has been methodically dropping teases left and right throughout the months, brewing all kinds of hypotheses in the space. During the first challenge, Twitter and Discord went crazy with excitement following the reveal announcement. As the community watches in awe, Justin Tobin, or @jtobcat, is shown stretching his mental muscles in an attempt to finish the challenge.

Every drop since February 2022 will include native Clone Wearable and Pods display functionality. Clearly, the corporation is concentrating its efforts on developing a full ecosystem. Given that the RTFKT MNLTH is Nike’s first NFT collectable, fans are expecting huge things. The floor price is 7.69 ETH at the time of writing, with 31.5k ETH in trading volume. Not bad for an airdrop, in my opinion.

If you’re unfamiliar with the MNLTH NFT, it’s a collection that use DART X, or Dynamic Artefact Reveal Technology. As a result, the reveal will be based on triggers rather than predetermined dates set by the corporation. The community, in this situation, triggers the revelation sequence by completing several tasks that have been launched. This project stands out because it puts talents, patience, creativity, and community to the test.

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